Electronic Manufacturer, Part no, Datasheet, Electronics Description. Siemens Semiconductor Group Siemens Semiconductor G TCA, TRANSISTOR. PNP SILICON POWER TRANSISTORS. PNP. 2SA designed for use in low frequency power amplifier applications. FEATURES: * Low Collector-Emitter. A Datasheet – 2SA Transistor, pdf, pinout, equivalent, replacement, schematic, manual, data, circuit, parts, datasheet.

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Each transistor is independently mounted and easily config ured for either dual transistor or cascode operation. Collector Transistor 1 2.

A Datasheet PDF –

It’s recommended not to accept an answer to a question for at least a day or so, to stimulate discussion on the site and get more answers posted to the questions provided. Of course this question does not apply specifically to this component.

I didn’t find it as-is in the sheet. Craig, I was sleeping yesterday, you’re completely right, I got it mixed up. Not necessary, here it is; So indeed they are TO, interesting, I only knew them as TO-3 But do I understand correctly you already replaced the old ones? Sure enough See how far a typo can go! It is a standard kind of transistor made by many manufacturers.



Emitter Transistor 2 5. The heatsink wasn’t hot at all. That makes a lot more sense than a TO A Go to one of the websites that does retail sales of electronic components e. The amp worked well yesterday so I presume the outputs are ok.

When I jumped into the thread, I only checked the A Click on the first transistor that comes up. Semiconductor Group C ollector T ransistor 1 2. Pin 3 is identified with afrequency silicon epitaxial transistors encapsulated in an ultra small 6 pin SMT package. Turns out that looking for “2n” on google yield me way too many results.

So, given that I only have “2n” as identifier, how can I know for sure the limits of the component? But there is no need at all to dwtasheet them if they work correctly, you will not get any better performance or more power.

No abstract text available Text: Em itter Transistor 2 5. If so and the amp works fine and the specs of the replacements are similar or better, then I guess you’ll be fine.

Phototransistor Til Abstract: Be careful not to allow excessive current to flow through the transistorincluding static electricity. A device used intermittently is more concerned with no-load quiescent current than with. Emitter Follower An NPN transistor can be used as a buffer for very lowto place a small resistor in series with the base of the transistor to prevent oscillation unless the ,?


Pin 3 is identified with a circle on the bottom of the packageepitaxial transistors encapsulated in an ultra small 6 pin SMT package. Semiconductor Grouptab should be used for Vbb connection.

The max current between collector and emitter is about mA to mA depending on the data sheet you look at, so go with the lower value. Previous 1 2 I guess my mistake was to assume that a ohm resistance would be enough for the base. The other was ok but I changed all 4 outputs, both trimmers and all electrolytics.

2SA671 Datasheet, Equivalent, Cross Reference Search

Your name or email address: Wandering Logic 3 9. Each transistor is independently mounted and easily configured for either dual transistor or cascode operation. Good piece of advise. By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge datashert you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. Otherwise, if you have a bunch, you can just test one. All tranwistor replaced of course.