The Abhidhamma Piṭaka is the last of the three piṭakas (or “baskets”) in the canons of the early Buddhist schools. It takes the terms and ideas found in the. This book has been compiled in the hope that a group of people studying abhidhamma in the West may be able usefully to share something of the experience. abhidhamma pitaka indonesia pdf writer. Quote. Postby Just» Tue Aug 28, am. Looking for abhidhamma pitaka indonesia pdf writer. Will be grateful.

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The Yamaka Pairs [1] consists of ten chapters, each dealing with a different topic; for example, the first deals with roots.

In particular, the Burmese meditation schools, including Mahasi, Goenka, and Pa Auk, all rely closely on Abhidhamma concepts. That is not to say that there are no new ideas, just that they play a fairly minor role overall.

Analysis according to the Abhidhamma: It is organized according to fourteen methods. Patthan Activations or Causes [1] deals with 24 conditions in relation to the matika: A typical chapter consists of three parts.

The Abhidhamma Pitaka Pali; English: The second part deals with arising: Budismo – Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre ; Fundador es Siddharta Gautama: It takes the terms and ideas found in the Discourses, and organizes and analyzes them systematically. Horner, Book of the Discipline, Volume 5, page Unlike the Suttas and Vinaya, the Abhidhamma texts of the different schools are not closely related. Here the suttas are reworked into a schematized system of general principles that might be called ‘Buddhist Psychology’.

Whereas the other schools maintained multiple Abhidhamma texts, this single text covers much of the same ground, and seems to contain the entire Abhidhamma system of the Dharmaguptakas.


Warder and Peter Harvey both suggested early dates for the matikas on which most of the Abidhamma books are based. An older translation of this texts can be found at: Retrieved from ” https: Who is online Users browsing this forum: Over time, the explanations of various teachers became ineonesia and codified.

While method and the details inonesia expanded considerably, the approach can be seen as abhixhamma detailed application of the underlying principles of dependent origination. While the text does not identify the points of view, most of them may be identified with the doctrines held by various Buddhist schools. In more recent centuries, Burma has become the main centre of Abhidhamma studies.

This page was last edited on 30 Novemberat Most of the chapters have a threefold structure. Buddhaghosa considers each Pitaka of the Buddhist canon a kind of method naya Macmillan Encyclopedia of Buddhismpage 2. Some of the discussions concern central problems in Buddhist philosophy, such as the nature of not-self, or the problem of continuity abhidhamm impermanence.

However, they all must have had some comparable works of analysis and explanation. Tradition [3] holds that the Buddha thought out the Abhidhamma immediately after his enlightenment then taught it to the gods some years later. Each relies either on logic or quotations from the suttas to support their arguments. View original text with translation This only works with certain texts, which include translations by Sujato and Brahmali.

But the bulk of the content must have been developed after this time. The abhidahmma part goes through numerous states of mind, listing and defining by lists of synonyms, factors present in the states. However, most of the debate in the schools concerns the interpretation of Abhidhamma, not the validity of the project itself.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The Puggalapannatti Designation of Person [1] starts with its own matika, which begins with some standard lists but then continues with lists of persons grouped numerically from ones to tens.


Buddhaghosa with three copies of Visuddhimagga. As well as study, Abhidhamma has been a formative influence on several modern schools of meditation.

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It was indoneska into Chinese by Xuanzang. Early Buddhist texts, translations, and parallels. Criticism The Abhidhamma itself is a critical system, developed to clarify understanding of fundamental concepts and relations.

Composed by Purna according to Sanskrit and Tibetan sourcesor Vasumitra according to Chinese sources. Most of these are doctrinal terms familiar from the suttas, although some are specialized Abhidhamma terms.

abhidhamma pitaka indonesia pdf writer

The Abhidhamma itself is a critical system, developed to clarify understanding of fundamental concepts and relations. The actual books as they exist today, however, are the products of schools, composed under the guidance of leading monks.

Many of the concepts familiar from later Abhidhamma are not found—ultimate vs. Presumably they would have been taught by experienced teachers in monasteries, who would have drawn out, explained, and illustrated the abstruse texts.

The first part deals with questions of identity: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Later the Buddha repeated it abhodhamma Sariputta who then handed it on to his abhidhamma. The notion of sabhava Sanskrit: The first of the triple sets is the momentous group: