This site includes Titus Burckhardt’s biography, photos, film clips about him, or Sufism, and ends with an inspired description of “spiritual alchemy”, or the. This is the complete text of “Insight into Alchemy”, an essay by Titus Burckhardt, which appeared in the journal “Studies in Comparative Religion”, THE PENGUIN METAPHYSICAL LffiRARY General Editor: Jacob Needleman. ALCHEMY. The son of the Swiss sculptor Carl Burckhardt, Titus Burckhardt was.

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It is noteworthy that the author of this work has written several outstanding books on Islamic esotericism or Sufism as well as on the traditional art of East and West.

Titus Burckhardt: Biography, Photos, Sample Writings, Slideshows, Bibliography, Resources

The word genie and genius have similar roots, and the person was thought to be a vessel, bodily and intellectually. This is the realm of burckhaardt craft initiations of the various traditional civilizations, and specifically of such things, in the Middle Ages, as operative masonry and alchemy. Essays on the Meaning of Man.

Links News Ways to Help. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: The Urs Graf Publishing House wished to present a copy of the edition to the saintly and princely Pope, and burckhaddt was decided that there could be no better person butckhardt effect the presentation than their artistic director Burckhardt.

Science moderne et Sagesse traditionnelle. Lists with This Book. This is an intellectual masterpiece which analyzes tituus and with precision the nature of esoterism as such. These were historical-cum-spiritual studies of certain manifestations of sacred civilization, and covered such themes as Mount Athos, Celtic Ireland, Sinai, Constantinople, and other places.


He was a frequent contributor to the journal Studies in Comparative Religion along with other prominent members of the school. I love thinking like this – for he seeks to really understand and then make that understanding available. William Stoddart speaks about alcgemy four key writers of the Perennialist School: He devoted all his life to the study and exposition of the different aspects of Wisdom and Tradition.

Here of course it is a case of scientia sacra and ars sacrathese being the two sides of the same coin. Aliquid est in anima quod est increatum et increabile; si tota anima esset talis, esset increata et increabilis; et hoc est Intellectus. Siena is an enlightening account of the rise and fall of a Christian city which, architecturally speaking, remains to this day something of a Gothic jewel.

Here the intellectual principles and the spiritual role alchsmy artistic creativity in its Islamic forms are richly and generously displayed before us. Please log in using one of these methods to post your comment: Jul 31, Will Gregor rated it really liked it.

Studies in Comparative ReligionVol. When, in the audience chamber, the white-clad figure of the Pope suddenly appeared, he welcomingly approached his visitor and said to him in German: Titus Burckhardt in Pully, Switzerland, in This is an intellectual masterpiece which analyzes comprehensively and with precision the nature of esoterism as such.

But Burckhardt makes clear that Jung’s perspective confines revelatory inspiration to a hereditary knowledge, something from the basement of human knowledge rather than from any sort of divine revelation the traditional view of genius-it came not just from the extraordinary perceptions of an individual, it also came from a supra-conscious intelligence.

The flower of the first of the two branches is red, and the flower of the second is between white and black. Alchimie translated from the English edition by Madame J. All of these articles are included in the present book, in the section entitled “Traditional and Modern Science”.


Insight into Alchemy

Flores rated it really liked it Dec 01, During his early years in Morocco, Burckhardt immersed himself in the Arabic language and assimilated the principal classics of Sufism Islamic mysticism in their original form. Essays on Nature and the Sacred.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. In the eyes of the Pope, Burckhardt was ostensibly a Protestant gentleman from Basle. He provides an introduction to the symbolic and alchsmy basis of Alchemy, or the Science of the Soul as his sub-title suggests.

Alchemy: Science of the Cosmos, Science of the Soul – Titus Burckhardt – Google Books

Cover design and six illustrations by Titus Burckhardt. Fulan Kishwar rated it really liked it Aug 21, Burckhardt is a good source for Hindu and Buddhist connections for alchemical theories, although I find him less than trustworthy in locating the historical tradition in Alexandria, then Constantinople, then Spain.

Want to Read saving…. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Burckhardt was the scion of a patrician family of Basel.

Chartres und die Geburt der Kathedrale. He is however a good introductory source for Islamic influence, especially give n that he was a forerunner in translating the Sufi tradition.