QuadraSynth Plus – read user manual online or download in PDF format. Pages in total: Alesis QuadraSynth Plus manual: Amp / ALFO / AENV. Alesis Quadrasynth s4 Manual – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online.

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QuadraSynth, using all capital letters and in brackets Example: Using the QuadraSynth with an External Sequencer S4 Sound Module only Alesis, please take the time to do so now. AC Power Hookup The QuadraSynth works with the voltage of the country it is shipped to either or V, 50 or 60 Hzand comes with a line cord or power supply suitable for the destination to which the keyboard is shipped.

Setting Up Do not operate any electrical equipment with ungrounded outlets. Alesis cannot be responsible for problems caused by using the QuadraSynth or any associated equipment with improper AC wiring. These should be low-capacitance shielded cables with a stranded not solid internal conductor and a low-resistance shield.

Although quality cables cost more, they do make a difference.

Route cables to the QuadraSynth correctly by observing the following precautions: Upon power-up, the QuadraSynth will display the last selected Program or Mix. Press MIX to stop.

The demo was composed specially for the QuadraSynth by Alseis Kay. If you start entering a number and change your mind, wait a few seconds aledis the QuadraSynth will revert to the previous Program number.

The currently selected channel appears at the top left of the display. There are many different ways to program a Mix. For more about Mix Mode, refer to Chapter 5. Press the [MIX] quadeasynth. However, there is much more about a Mix that may be edited.

Changes to Program parameters are temporary and will be lost if another Program is selected. To make changes permanent, you must store the Program into the User bank.

Refer to Chapter 4 for information about storing changes. Each of these sounds has its own effectsas well as effects bus assignment. Many of the Programs in the QuadraSynth use only one or two sound layers, while others may use all four sounds.

If the sequencer transmits a piano part over channel 1, a bass part over channel 2, and a drum part over channel 10, you could set up a QuadraSynth Mix so that a piano sound plays only the MIDI data assigned to channel 1, a bass sound plays only the MIDI data assigned to channel 2, and drums play only the MIDI data assigned to channel You need to determine which way is best for your application.

This is a way of verifying that the sequencer is set to receive properly. To test the cable and QuadraSynth digital output, plug one cable qlesis into the QuadraSynth. The other end should emit a soft red light it is not dangerous to look directly at this light. This is extremely useful for multitimbral setups where the QuadraSynth plays back different sounds on different MIDI channels. Therefore, much thicker and richly textured sounds can be created.

In Mix mode, the QuadraSynth can be used in a wide range of applications. It can be used for live performance, in which sounds are layered or assigned to sections of the keyboard. In Mix mode, they are used to select one of the 16 Programs for viewing and editing.

Feel free to make changes and twist dials; these will not be made permanent unless you store the Program described later. While Compare mode is selected, you quadrasyntj move around to view the various parameters, but you will not be able to edit anything.


This is because you are seeing what is in memory, not what is in the edit buffer. See Chapter 9 for more information on external storage operations. If you have edited any of the Programs in the Mix or the Effects Patch, you must store them separately. Use Quad Knob [1] to enter the Program number you noted in step 6.

The Program is now stored. QuadraSynth Reference Manual Overview While in Program Mode you can play only one Program at a time, in Mix Mode you can play up to 16 Programs at once, either from the keyboard as layers or splits or from an external sequencer via 16 MIDI channels or a combination of both.

If you select another Mix before storing, your changes will be lost. OFF, the channel will not be sent to either set of outputs but can still feed an effect bus. A thick line will appear above any active MIDI channels as you play notes or send notes to the QuadraSynth from a sequencer on those channels. This has no effect on the S4 module; it only applies to the QuadraSynth keyboard.

Keyboard On or Off Keyboard Model only This determines whether or not the selected channel will respond to thepitch-bend and mod wheels, foot pedals and sustain pedal of the QuadraSynth itself. The function allows you to change the name of the. The Mix name can be up to 10 characters long. Quad Knob [1] selects the character.

Alesis – Quadra Synth S4 – Reference Manual

Here is a chart of available characters: This allows you to isolate individual channels in a Mix. Also, become familiar with the signal and modulation flow within the QuadraSynth as qquadrasynth in the various block diagrams included in this manual so that you can understand the many ways in which you can process a signal as it works its way from oscillator to output. The QuadraSynth comes with factory preset programs, and user-editable programs.

You can layer these sounds together, or divide them into regions of the keyboard, or a combination of these things. The following diagram illustrates the signal flow within each QuadraSynth Program. Editing Programs Note that the waveforms in qiadrasynth QuadraSynth are different from those found in samplers or many sample-playback units.

Because quadrasynyh QuadraSynth has its own filter module and amplitude module for each voice, the pure waveforms are relatively bright–as bright as the original instrument can be–and have a constant sustaining amplitude, like an organ.

Alesis QuadraSynth Plus User Manual

It is a complete digital signal processing unit with four input buses, simultaneous multiple effects, and flexible signal routing. When using Edit 4 mode, sounds using Drum Mode will be unavailable for editing; only sounds not in Drum Mode will be editable in the bargraph display. To send a sound to an individual output, use Output in conjunction with Pan. Panning a sound full left alesid selecting the Aux outputs means that the sound will appear at only the left Aux output.

This section lets you feed the sound to one of the effect buses for processing.

For more on effect buses, see Chapter 6. The higher the number negative or positivethe greater the effect. Use 1-PITCH aleeis when you want a program sound layer to play a single pitch throughout the entire keyboard range. Many acoustic instruments, such as acoustic guitars, sound brighter when you play them more forcefully. Adding a little positive velocity control over the filter can simulate more realistic acoustic sounds. The higher the number either positive or negativethe greater the effect for a given amount of aftertouch.


Quad Switch [2] and quadrasyynth the key on the keyboard you want to set as the highest note in the range.

Alesis QuadraSynth | Vintage Synth Explorer

If the lower limit is set above the high limit, there will be no sound from this program layer. By adjusting the Sound Overlap to a lower value, you decrease the number of voices used by each new note, and thereby ensure there are voices available to play other sounds, if necessary.

Although the QuadraSynth keyboard does not generate poly pressure, the sound generators can respond to poly pressure signals entering via the MIDI In. However, the LFO Trigger parameter determines whether or not they should be in sync, and whether or not they can be retriggered independent from one another.

A positive value raises the level as more Aftertouch is applied. Mod Wheel will add more tremolo. On the other hand, if the Mod Wheel parameter is set toraising the Mod Wheel to the top will cancel out all tremolo. The Trigger parameter determines how the LFO should be triggered, or started. There are four possible settings: Setting the Attack to 0 will make the pitch go to maximum immediately on hitting the key if the Delay is also set to 0 in PENV Page see below ; a setting of 99 will result in a much slower attack, taking many seconds before the envelope gets to maximum.

When set to Reset-Freerun, the envelope will start at the beginning whenever a new note is played and will complete its entire cycle, even if the note is released in the middle. Also note that the Filter Envelope may have no effect if some other modulation source, or the basic setting of the filter, has already pushed the filter cutoff frequency to its maximum.

If this is set to 99, the envelope will remain at the Sustain level until the note is manjal. This is the normal setting for organ-type sounds. This determines how keyboard dynamics will affect the envelope level.

When the Delay is set to 0, the envelope attacks right away, without any delay. Play some notes while turning up the delay and see that the time between playing the note and hearing the effect of the Pitch Envelope gets progressively longer as the Delay control is turned up. When the Sustain Pedal parameter is turned off, the Sustain Pedal will have no effect on the envelope.

Level 00 to 99 This is the overall output level of the envelope. Drum Mode will be editable in the bargraph display. If you enable Drum Mode for a sound while in Edit 4 mode, the QuadraSynth will automatically switch to Edit 1 mode for that layer.

For more details about the 13 velocity curves, see the illustration on page The additional Mute Groups can be used by other sounds that you wish to cut-off each other, but do not want to interfere with the Hi Hat sounds.

While holding down both Quad Buttons [1] and [4], turn on the power. These are the edit buffers, set to the default settings. The QuadraSynth effects processor has four inputs, or effect sends. You might think auadrasynth these as the typical post-fader sends found on a mixing console. Programs and Mixes that use the same Effects Qaudrasynth.