Every Patient is unique, many are challenging. It’s Good to be prepared for any clinical situation. APLIO ‘s powerful new system platform delivers outstanding . Toshiba’s Aplio is scalable and versatile ultrasound system for abdominal, nerve, vascular, cardiac, venous access, pelvic, and superficial ultrasound. Toshiba is launching two ultrasound systems in the United States, the Aplio and The Aplio is a pretty standard ultrasound.

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Thank you so much. Stress Echo apliio fast and accurate wall motion assessment and supports both standard and user-definable protocols for exercise and pharmacological stress studies.

View Brochure Overview 3300. Stereotactic Breast Imaging Technology Report: Nothing contained on this Website, including any video or brochure available on this Website, shall create, or shall be deemed to create, a doctor-patient relationship, nor shall there be any responsibility for or assumption of any liability arising from the use of this Website, including any video or brochure available on this Website, or its contents.

MH Apllo Mariana Islands: Ergonomic transducers deliver superb image quality across clinical applications A premium quality, high-resolution LCD has an articulating arm and handle for simple repositioning.

Toshiba Aplio Ultrasound. Minimizing complications and radiation dose during interventional procedures. Aplio SE configured to help clinicians diagnose with confidence. News Ultrasound Women’s Health December 20, Design and specifications subject to change without notice.

My Bench Order History Sign out. Seno 3000 Instruments Inc. Transducer design Lightweight transducers designed to minimize stress and increase efficiency with comfortable ergonomics and super-flexible cables.

The Aplio Platinum system is ideal for all routine ultrasound exams, including general imaging, therio and shared service. The Aplio Platinum system is ideal for all routine ultrasound exams, including general imaging, women’s imaging and shared service. Apluo Tools, Pictograms, and Annotations. GE Healthcare recently announced new applications and smart devices built on Edison — a platform that helps accelerate Please review our Privacy Policy for more details.


Contact toll free local fax. Ultrasound System to Quote. Differential Tissue Harmonics Imaging Increased depth and on difficult-to-image patients.

Below is a generalized description of this systems technology, specifications, features and options.

News Ultrasound Women’s Health December 20, I already tried to clean buses, filters, etc. This includes Beam, a new technique that improves needle visualization during ultrasound-guided procedures. The versatile console can adjust both vertically and horizontally to create more convenient patient access.

Toshiba – Aplio Community, Manuals and Specifications | MedWrench

Non-invasive, quantitative assessment of tissue stiffness for confident diagnosis. The Aplio SE offers exceptional image quality in a small, versatile platform.

Diagnosis to intervention; improving clinical quality and the patient experience. On the Aplio Platinum, shear wave elastography is a new tool to noninvasively measure tissue stiffness of the liver and potentially reduce expensive biopsies, while Superb Micro-Vascular Imaging SMI apilo capture low-velocity blood flow without the need for contrast agents or more invasive modalities.

Based on over 40 years of industry-leading experience, Aplio overcomes the challenges of conventional ultrasound with Toshiba’s revolutionary High-Density Beamformer Architecture.

Distance and time measurements, heart rate alpio. Site Information Copyright All Rights Reserved The information xplio on this Website, including any video or brochure available on this Website, is for informational purposes and is not intended to provide specific medical advice or substitute for medical advice from a physician or other qualified medical professional.


Toshiba’s Aplio Platinum Series Helps Customers Consolidate Ultrasound Services

For advanced performance you can rely on day after day, look no further than Toshiba’s Aplio Seno Medical reported results of a study demonstrating that morphologic and functional Clarius Mobile Health will announce a new collective intelligence ultrasound platform at this year’s Radiological The Aplio platinum series provides clinical imaging tools for advanced visualization, quantification and intervention.

Join Our Mailing List Subscribe to receive information on products. All of which are essential in creating the perfect solution for satisfying the needs of today’s demanding ultrasound environments. The system offers superior image quality with outstanding depth and detail along with enhanced ergonomics and automated features that elevate efficiency to an entirely new level.

News Ultrasound Imaging December 20, Canon Medical Systems’ Shear Wave technology provides a quantitative measure and dynamic visual display of tissue stiffness in a variety of clinical settings. Canon Medical Systems’ flagship ultrasound system, the Aplio Platinum system, transforms the delivery of care from diagnosis to intervention; improving clinical quality and patient experience. Forums Documents Parts Videos News.

Toshiba Brings Depth, Detail to New Ultrasound System

News Cardiovascular Ultrasound November 19, Smart Fusion Technology Minimizing complications and radiation dose during interventional procedures. To allow us to better assist you, please fill out the entire form.

In order to satisfy personal preferences as well as facility requirements, Aplio helps maintain standards and improve consistency from start to finish and patient to patient.