ARCIC Mary Document – Full Text. In the continuing journey toward full communion, the Roman Catholic Church and the Churches of the Anglican Communion. wwThe Anglican–Roman Catholic International Commission (ARCIC) is an organization . Although ARCIC had just completed the major document on Marian theology in , Pope John Paul II suspended official talks between the Roman. Following seven years of work, the first ‘Agreed Statement’ (a page document) to emerge from ARCIC III, Walking Together on the Way.

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Mark indicates that growth in understanding is inevitably slow and painful, and that genuine faith in Christ is not reached until the encounter with the cross and the empty tomb. The Church must continue faithful so that the Christ who comes in glory will recognise in the Church the community he founded; it must continue to be free to receive the apostolic Tradition in new ways according to the situations by which it is confronted.

The Gospel of Christ crucified and risen is continually handed on and received cf. God is the source of authority, and the proper exercise of authority is always ordered towards the common good and the good of the person. In the prophecy of Ezekiel, this hope is spoken of not only in terms of washing and cleansing, but also of the gift of the Spirit Ezekiel The depth and popularity of Marian spirituality in the nineteenth and the first half of the twentieth centuries contributed to the definitions of the dogmas of the Immaculate Conception and the Assumption In the mids a number of meetings were held on the issue of authority [ix] [x] culminating in a statement made at Venice.

It is not an authoritative declaration by the Roman Catholic Church or by the Anglican Communion, who will evaluate the document in order to take a position on it in due time. The Archbishop of Canterbury exercises a primatial ministry in the whole Anglican Communion.

We are agreed that, within the constraints set down in this teaching to ensure that the honour paid to Christ remains pre-eminent, such private devotion is acceptable, though never required of believers. Alongside the autonomy of provinces, Anglicans are coming to see that interdependence among local churches and among provinces is also necessary for fostering communion.

They have to be understood today in the light of the way this teaching was refined by the Second Vatican Council in its Constitution Dei Verbumparticularly in regard to the central role of Scripture in the reception and transmission of revelation. Their life in Christ is enriched when they give to, and receive from, each other.


The exercise of the sensus fidei by each member of the Church contributes afcic the formation of the sensus fidelium through which the Church as a whole remains faithful to Christ. Christian experience of communion with God in this present life is a sign and foretaste of divine grace and glory, a hope shared with the whole of creation Romans 8: The topics covered by ARCIC II included the doctrine of salvation, [xvi] [xvii] [xviii] [xix] [15] communion, [xx] [xxi] [xxii] [xxiii] [16] [xxiv] [xxv] [xxvi] [17] teaching authority, [18] [xxvii] [xxviii] [xxix] [xxx] [xxxi] [19] and the role of Cocuments the mother of God.

We have seen that instruments for oversight and decision making are necessary at all levels to support communion.

Word of God and Church of God cannot be put asunder. The exercise of teaching authority in the Church, especially in situations of challenge, requires the participation, in their distinctive ways, of the whole body of believers, not only those charged with the ministry of memory.

The challenge and responsibility for those with authority within the Church is so to exercise their ministry that they promote the unity of the whole Church in faith and life in a way that enriches rather than diminishes the legitimate diversity of local churches. The definitions of and were not made in response to controversy, but gave voice to the consensus of faith among believers in communion with the Bishop of Rome. In this statement, we seek to integrate what is valuable from each of these approaches, as both correcting and contributing to our use of Scripture.

The Commission’s work has resulted in sufficient agreement on universal primacy as a gift to be shared, for us to propose that such a primacy could be offered and received even before our churches are in full communion.

Nor is the idea of virginal conception likely to derive from an over-literal reading of the Greek text of Isaiah 7: These women highlight the singular role of Mary, who was neither barren nor past child-bearing age, but a fruitful virgin: The ministers God gives the Church to sustain her life are marked by fragility: Focuments such a pattern of anticipated eschatology, Mary can also arckc seen as the faithful disciple fully present with God in Christ.

Specific practical aspects of sharing episcope will emerge from local initiatives.

Dovuments consideration could also be given to the association of Anglican bishops with Roman Catholic bishops in their ad limina visits to Rome. Has the teaching of the Second Vatican Council regarding the collegiality of bishops been implemented sufficiently? So the relation between the faith of the individual and the faith of the Church is more complex than may sometimes appear.


Anglican–Roman Catholic International Commission

Pope John Paul II also, in his Encyclical Letter Ut Unum Sintinvited leaders and theologians of other churches to engage with him in a fraternal dialogue on how the particular ministry of unity of the Bishop of Rome might be exercised in a new situation cf. I carry out this duty with the profound conviction that I am obeying the Lord, and with a clear sense of my own human frailty.

Seen in this light, the virginal conception, far from being an isolated miracle, is a powerful expression of what the Church believes about her Lord, and about our salvation. Indeed, this diversity of traditions is the practical manifestation of catholicity and confirms rather than contradicts the vigour of Tradition. Indeed, if Christ himself gave Peter this special mission in the Church and exhorted him to strengthen his brethren, he also made clear to him his human weakness and his special need of conversion.

Rather, the definitions are understood to bear witness to what has been revealed from the beginning. ARCIC seeks to identify common ground between the two communions. This eschatological perspective sees Christian life in terms of the vision of the exalted Christ leading believers to cast off sins that entangle Hebrews We submit to our respective authorities this agreed statement on authority in the Church.

The Commission is of the view that we have deepened and extended our agreement on: Bishops are, both personally and collegially, at the service of communion and are concerned for synodality in all its expressions.

Mary: Grace and Hope in Christ

But that will be the case rocuments with his disciples e. Human weakness and sin do not only affect individual ministers: She is the link between John the Baptist and Jesus, whose miraculous births are laid out in deliberate parallel.

Above all, how will Anglicans address the question of universal primacy as it is emerging from their life together and from ecumenical dialogue? In the process of testing such formulations, the Church has moved cautiously, but with confidence in the promise of Christ that it will persevere and be maintained in the truth cf.