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But those [wives] from whom you fear arrogance — [first] advise them; [then islma they persist], forsake them in bed; and [finally], beat them [lightly]. But if they obey you [once more], seek no means against them. Indeed, Allah is ever Exalted and Grand. There is a prevailing Divine law in the universe: For instance, the system in the atom continues with the movement of the electrons as connected to the nucleus at the centre.

Similarly, the Solar System continues to exist with the movements of the planets which are connected twrihi the Sun at the centre. This law is valid kiksal every galaxy in the universe. They are not exempt from it. Yes, every bee hive has a chief. As a matter of fact, the first cluster of bees has three or four chiefs. After finding a hive they kill all of these chiefs except one. This is because they cannot continue their lives if they are ruled by more than one centre. Kokaal a matter of fact, this law is so important that we witness it everywhere.

İslam tarihi- Hz. Hüseyin ve Kerbela olayı – M. Asım Köksal – Google Books

For instance, a mother fish lays its eggs, and then goes on its way. She does not look after the eggs or the young fish. Therefore, Allah swt makes one of these young fish their leader. All of them act depending on him, thus maintaining their lives. Accordingly, just as every village has a headman, every province has a governor, and every country has a president, so too every family — so small but important as a state — must of course have a head.

The happiness of the family is possible with the obedience of the individuals to the head of the family, and the head of the family being merciful and just ruling of the individuals. The head of the family whom Allah has chosen among the family members with His wisdom and justice is the man. As it is well known, if a ruler does not have rewards for the obedient and punishment for the rebellious, his rule does not last long. A peaceful family life is by the virtue of its members.

Any unrest, however, is because of the head of the family. Allah swt gives much importance to peace in the family.

This is because the peace of the family causes peace in society, and the peace of society results in the peace of the entire country. It is really important that the families, which are the cornerstones of society, are peaceful. Islam accepts that the best of the goodness the man does and of the charity he gives is the spending he does for his family. This is a reward given by the head of family to family members, a result of mercy and compassion.

Just as there is reward, there is of course punishment to the rebellious. If this does not work, he should separate their beds for three days.

If this does not work either, he can beat her slightly just as father disciplines his child and a teacher his student. However, our Prophet pbuh said that the man who does not do this beating is much better than the one who does it.

He ordered that the beating should not include slapping in the face and should not have any violence that causes bruising and hurting. One should not ignore the following reality. Today people are educated at schools according to the civil law and philosophical rules.


A person lives in the way he is raised.

How true is their approach? As tqrihi matter of fact, one of the biggest rights of a woman is not to lose her husband and family, to look after her child and not to cause her child to have a future under threat and to be mentally depressed. While trying to save the woman from the trouble of a kokaal beating for disciplining, those people totally ignore the rest of her rights and cause her to lose her husband, to make her marriage fall apart, and to allow many other wrongdoings.

We refer this to the conscience of the people of kksal sense. There are a few narrations some people use against Islam regarding our subject. Just as they use the light beating of women as a pretext to attack Islam, these people with malicious intentions try to deceive others and women by referring to these kinds of hadiths iwlam claim that the woman is not valued. These narrations also express what a blessed being she is in the sight of Allah swt.

As mentioned earlier, a family is like a state. The existence of the state with happiness and right ioksal depends on both its mercy and justice, and tafihi obedience of the public. In this way the woman is saved from any injustice she would face. The wisdom behind the verses and hadith that command the woman obedience to her husband is that she is saved from the injustices mentioned above, like the breaking down of her marriage.

The superiority of the man in inheritance is balanced with the superiority of the woman in dowry and alimony. Women wished to have the tarhi superiority over men in regard to the issue of inheritance.

However, since the men are in charge of women, Allah swt made the men superior to women regarding inheritance despite the fact that they are equal in terms of benefiting from one another. On the other hand, He commanded the men to give dowry and to sustain the living of the women in that verse. In this way, giving dowry and the responsibility of earning the living become equal to aslm inheritance the men get.

As a matter fact, although the inheritance a man gets mostly does not meet his need until the end of his life, he has to look after his wife throughout his life according to Islamic law, which guarantees the livelihood of the woman.

Moreover, Islam commands the man to give a dowry in order to marry the woman. Askm, it is justice, for the overwhelming majority of men take a wife and promise to provide for her. As for women, they take a husband and load their livelihood on him, and this makes up for the deficiency in what they inherit. It komsal also a mercy, for a weak girl is greatly in need of kindness from her father and brother. Her father does not look on her with concern, thinking of her as a harmful child because of whom half of his wealth will go to a stranger.

His kindness is untainted by anxiety and anger.

Hazreti Muhammed (S.A.V) ve İslamiyet – İslam Tarihi 3-4 – M. Asım Köksal

He does not consider her as a rival who will destroy half the family and give a significant part of their property to someone else. His protective and kindly feelings for her will not be marred by resentment and hostility. Lslam, the girl, who is delicate and weak by nature, is seemingly deprived of a small part, but in place of it she gains inexhaustible wealth in the form of the compassion and kindness of those close to her. Also, to give her more than her due with the idea of being more merciful to her than Divine mercy, is not kindness but a great wrong.


Indeed, the savage greed of the present time, which recalls the appalling cruelty of the live burial of daughters in the Age of Ignorance due to savage jealousy, may possibly open the way to kkoksal wickedness. Being suitable to the nature of humans, Islam has given the man the role of being the head of family for the continuance of family life and happiness. It has also given him the wisdom, power and financial kokasl in order to continue managing his family.

Since Islam commands the woman to have aaim to the man, it gives the woman the feeling of need for the wisdom, power and wealth of the man in terms of thought, the feeling of weakness in terms of nature and the feeling of financial impossibility in terms of living.

This enables the family to live together in justice tarihu mercy. Those who misuse these Divine rules cannot be examples.

May Allah guide us and the humanity to Islam, which is the straight road! In fact assim are many experiences our Prophet lived through in asum respect. The Treaty of Hudaybiya has become the most prominent one. It has a many lessons which interest individuals, societies and states. After the Battle of the Trench, the process that resulted in the Treaty of Hudaybiya had already begun.

It had been more than six years since the Hijrah, and the homesickness of the muhajir Makkan Muslims had greatly increased. Moreover, turning to the direction of the Kaaba in Makka during the five daily prayers every day was refreshing their memories of koskal homeland.

Our Prophet had also missed this blessed city where he was born and with that longing he had a dream that contained glad tidings.

You will shave your heads and shorten your hairs. You will surely enter al-Masjid al-Haram, if Allah wills, in safety, with your heads shaved and [hair] shortened, not fearing [anyone]. After the preparations about five hundred people set off toward Mecca. In order to show that they did not come to fight they took askm seventy animals to slaughter.

After the difficult journey they arrived at Hudaybiya.

Maulid – Geburtstagsfeier des Propheten

Our Prophet first sent Hirash ra as a messenger to Makka. He informed the Makkan polytheists that their intention was to circumambulate the Kaaba, slaughter the animals and return back.

This situation took a long time and caused the spread of the news that Uthman ra was killed. Preparation for war started. Seeing the seriousness of the matter the polytheists released Uthman ra. Realizing the determination of the Muslims the polytheists of Makka sent a delegation whose leader was Suhayl ibn Amr 13, to make an agreement.

İslam Tarihi Latest Version for Android Free Download – 9Apps

They came to an agreement. Ali ra was the scribe. How can a Muslim who comes to Muslims be declined? Will you accept this article too? With regard to those who will come from them to us and whom we will return, Allah knows them and will create a relief and a way out for them. His father dragged him away asiim the polytheists. Abu Jandal said while being dragged: Am I to be returned to the idol-worshippers when I have come to you as a Muslim? Do you not see what I have suffered?

Do you return me to let them torture me and convert me from my religion? Muslims were watching him and listening to his cries in tears.