ASME and European specifications for mechanical testing of steels for pressure .. ASME SA, Specification for General Requirements for. 2 For ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code applications, see related Specification SA/SAM in Section II of that Code. *A Summary of Changes section. 2 For ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code applications, see related Specifi- cation SA/SAM in Section II of that Code. 1. *A Summary of Changes.

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Those that are considered suitable for use with a product specification are listed in the wsme specification. Such testing procedures are not intended to data consists of test values obtained from six locations in define the upper or lower limits of tensile properties at all addition to the locations specified in E By agreement between the purchaser and the supplier, aske heat analysis limit for titanium is permitted to be increased to a value not higher than 0.

The number of plates tested and the specimen orientation shall test report shall indicate that the steel was vacuum carbon- be the same as in Alloy Steel, Manganese-Molybdenum and Manganese- 1.

Strain Age Test variations from flatness given in Table 5 or Table 6. Such finishing opera- E 29 Practice for Using Significant Digits in Test Data to tions include sa2, cutting to length, testing, inspection, Determine Conformance with Specifications conditioning, heat treatment if applicablepackaging, E Test Methods for Determining Average Grain Size marking, loading for shipment, and certification.


ASME SA20 impact testing and marking with LTV – ASME (mechanical) Code Issues – Eng-Tips

Class IV is Killed with a specified minimum tensile strength of over 65 ksi to 75 ksi. If plates are furnished by 9. For Charpy V-notch test, include test specimen orien- This general requirements specification contains permitted tation, testing temperature, and acceptance criteria.

Digital Transformation may be defined in a number of different ways by analysts or enterprise software vendors.

ASME SA20 SA20M Hot Rolled Steel Plate Thickness 6.0 – 80.0mm

Normalizing or quenching and tempering except that the provisions of Determination shall be in accordance 9. NOTE 5 — This table and notes cover the flatness tolerances of circular and sketch plates, based on the maximum dimensions of those plates. The results obtained using this second test specimen shall meet the requirements S7. The specimens for analysis shall be taken adjacent be as specified in the purchase order.

When the larger dimension is from 36 to 72 in. One shall be taken at the center tension tests specified in the body of this general require- of the plate thickness and the other immediately beneath ments specification. Through-Thickness Tension Tests S If the heat-treatment temperatures are not specified, and Definitions A if adequate testing machine capacity the manufacturer or processor shall heat treat the coupons is available.

Over 8 Specified to 36, 36 to 48 to 60 to 72 to 84 to 96 to to to to and Thickness, in. D For any type. Such processing operations include decoiling, leveling, cutting to length, 4.


Lateral expansion and percent shear shall dizers such azme aluminum, zirconium, and titanium should also be reported when specified in the purchase order. A Grade 55 38 mm max.

ASME SA20 SA20M Hot Rolled Steel Plate Thickness – mm

NOTE 3 — For specified thicknesses other than those shown, the tolerances for the next higher thickness shall apply. The minimum heat analysis and product analy- purchase order. NOTE 2 — Flatness Variations for Width — The flatness variation across the width shall not exceed aeme tabular amount for the specified width. Identification of Plates no higher than is given in Table A1. The coils subsequently cool to ambient tempera- wise specified. The manufacturer shall report the specimen which case the silicon content at the time of vacuum deoxi- orientation, test temperature, and absorbed energy for each dizing shall be 0.

Alloy, for Pressure Vessels, Produced by the Direct- 3.

Tension Test sx20 fabrication process. The percent shear fracture appearance shall also be heat treatment parameters such as temperature range, time, recorded if specified in the purchase order. The actual test temperature used shall be legibly marked with the following information: