A multipurpose tree with edible and medicinal uses, as well as a host of other applications such as oil, agroforestry, insecticide and timber. It is harvested from. Preferred Scientific Name; Azadirachta excelsa. Taxonomic Tree; Domain: Eukaryota; Kingdom: Plantae; Phylum: Spermatophyta; Subphylum. The best-known species of the genus Azadirachta (family Meliaceae) is A. indica (Indian neem tree). There are at least two other congeneric species in.

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Azadirachta excelsa

The poor growth could be due to shallow soil on steep slopes which in turn contribute to a restricted volume for root growth and subsequently the lower availability of water and nutrients. Prefers a pH in the range 5 – 6. Wayside trees of Malaya. Regression equations relating soil properties and foliar nutrient concentrations to growth parameters were obtained Table 5. However, Peninsular Malaysia already started to experience timber shortage in early ‘s Ismail and Shaharuddin projected that Peninsular Malaysia would still face wood shortage for a number years to come even when wood from existing plantation including Hevea brasiliensis were considered.


Tropical Plants Database, Ken Fern. Nitrogen and P were determined by the similar colorimetric method used for soil.

Azadirachta excelsa

Init was estimated that more than 5, ha of A. Effect of varying aluminium concentration at constant pH. It can be downloaded as a PDF document from the Internet.

Jugah Kadir Email address: Sampling was only carried out in the Sungai Karas plantation. The increments in growth parameters were similar to those reported by Zulkifli and Yahaya for a trial at Relai Forest Reserve, Kelantan.

This species is closely related to A. The sweetly scented flowers are creamy-white.

When considered together, foliar concentration of Ca for dbh also had some influence on tree growth. Guide to fertilizer use in Peninsular Malaysia. Azadirachta excelsa Meliaceae is indigenous to the country and has a number of uses including for furniture and home construction aazadirachta to its high quality timber and wood colour Anon Calcium foliar concentration was been found to be deficient.

Effects of soil compaction on the growth and physiology of Azadirachta excelsa Jack Jacobs seedlings. Site characteristics and foliar nutrients of Azadirachta excelsa plantations in relation to growth were studied in Peninsular Malaysia.


Multiple regressions equation relating soil properties and foliar nutrient concentrations to growth a. The altitudes of the sites are below 30 m whilst the soils are sandy clay loam. Additionally, its young shoots are edible and are used as vegetables Corner The differences may due to different site preparation, management practices and climate.

Growth is slow initially but subsequently increases significantly. Potassium, Mg and Ca in the digest were determined by atomic absorption spectrophotometry.

Tey Ah Lim, Dr. In both stands, six representative plots of 0. Effects of aluminium on growth and cation uptake in seedlings of Eucalyptus mannifera and Pinus radiata. Spacing in seedbeds is 20 cm between rows and 5 cm within rows. Future wood-based industry and wood supply scenario. Thus, the objective azadiradhta this study was to examine how the growth of A.

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