Battle of the Ditch, (ad ), Arabic Al-Khandaq (The Ditch), an early Muslim victory that ultimately forced the Meccans to recognize the political and religious. 5th year of the Migration 29 Shawwal / January ) The Battle of Khandaq, which took place two years after the Battle of Uhud, is one of the important battles . The Battle of Khandaq. At this time, there was growing peace and security in Medina. However, a Jewish tribe called Banu Nadir attempted to.

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And after he confined the new danger, he managed to remove it completely. But Muhammad knandaq attended with no miracle at all, and has gathered a deluded multitude about him by sorcery, through which he hopes to overcome the world. As a result of the tiring work, the activity of digging trenches lasted for six days.

After an unsuccessful siege, the Meccans dispersed. But the Holy Prophet S said: Muhammad in order to stop the attacks called for a counter attack against the idolaters, He asserted to his followers before: Amr bin Abde Wudd remarked in ridicule: At last he was permitted the third time. The Holy Prophet Kjandaq said: Hazrat Ali moved aside like lightning; now it was his turn. When the unbelievers that attack us want to cause mischief and disorder, give patience and tranquility to our hearts and strength to our feet when they confront us!

The Verses that were Revealed What the Jews told the polytheists was not true; they concealed the truth deliberately. The Muslims who were very thin and weak due to famine felt very bad when the enemy army attacked like a black cloud; when the enemy army retreated in the evening, the Muslims felt a bit relieved.


Kulaini has narrated through good chains that during the Battle of Ahzab the Messenger of Allah S was standing on a hillock where Masjid Fath is located. The Prophet s and Muslims were domiciled at the battlf of Mount Sal’and brought the women and children to Qila’.

Truly our houses are bare and exposed though they were not exposed; they intended nothing but to flee.

Battle of Khandaq | Hayat Al-Qulub Vol. 2 |

There is no permanent life other than life in the hereafter. But it would be khandaw to affirm two important matters: Before Muhammad began the order of drafting the agreement, he consulted the Medinan leaders.

We deleted 4 spam messages. Only khahdaq eyes of Hazrat Ali, who was in armor, were visible. Then Abu Sufyan mounted his camel whose leg was tethered. In the morning the Btatle Prophet S told the Muslims: The main contemporary source of the battle is the 33rd Surah of the Quran. She opened the gate slowly. When Muslims saw him, they came behind the Prophet.

Banu Qurayza tribe had promised to be impartial in case of war; nevertheless, they violated the contract and became confederate with the unbelievers.

Remember Allah’s blessing upon you when the hosts came at you, and We sent against them a battlw and hosts whom you did not see. Their shelters blew away, their resources were scattered, and the fighters were worn down. On the other hand the Messenger of Allah S was praying:. I was given the keys of Yemen.

Islamic army consisted of three thousand people. However, we are trapped in this trench now. Shaykh Mufeed and Shaykh Tabarsi have narrated that the Quraish army came and halted near the trench and camped there for more than twenty days.

You are my master and master of my ancestors. The Holy Khqndaq S sat down on his khandqq and untied his turban and began to weep: Ye cannot stand the attack! The Prophet s had selected Ibn Maktum as his stand-in in Medina. Their response to the invitation was prompt, and without hesitation, they mobilized four thousand fighters. Articles containing Arabic-language text Wikipedia articles needing clarification from November Saudi Arabia bttle missing geocoordinate data All articles needing coordinates Good articles.


The Battle of Khandaq

Surah Aale Imran 3: And you atttribute one sentence on Ali killing Amr. Thereupon, the Messenger of God said. They put the pot into the oven and waited.

Muslims borrowed many implements such as spade, pickaxe, axe, and basket from Banu Qurayzawho were Prophet’s s confederate at that time. For the type of modern warfare, see Trench warfare. Responding to Amr’s challenge, he left that place temporarily to kkhandaq defended by the few who were with him.

After the death of ‘Amr b. The extraordinary efforts the Companions made while digging the trenches were the most evident proof that they were loyal to God battl His Messenger. We had never had such a dark and stormy night before.

Surrounding perimeter of Medina. The crops had been collected from the fields about a month ago; so the food of the horses and camels of the enemy army finished and the animals faced starvation.

Preparations in Madinah When the Prophet was informed about the situation, he summoned the Companions and consulted them. Any text you add should be original, not copied from other sources.