In Part II, the symptoms and the process of diagnosis of bursitis of the hamular process is presented. Additionally, recommended treatment options will be. tini muscle was demonstrated and described histologically. ln Part Il, the symptoms and the process of diagnosis of bursitis of the hamular process is presentee!. Pain originating from the throat may emanate from many different structures. The stylohyoid and stylomandibular ligaments are known as.

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Routine chair side diagnostic tests were done to rule out odontogenic pain. Examination of the development and biomechanics of the hamular process of the sphenoid bone in humans [Masters Thesis]. Epidemilogic of chronic facial pain: Bursitis of the tensor veli palatini muscle with an osteophyte on the pterygoid hamulus.

The apparently normal clinical picture of the oral cavity can perplex the clinician. The average measurements are length 7. Three-dimensional computer reconstruction of the eustachian tube and paratubal muscles.

Bursitis of the tensor veli palatini muscle with a osteophite on the pterygoid hamulus. Her medical history was unremarkable except the ingestion of a cocktail of medicines alternating from analgesics, antibiotics, steroids, and antidepressants prescribed by namular physicians for the unremitting chronic pain she was experiencing.

Comorbidity of pterygoid hamular area pain and TMD. The pain was described as a pricking pain in the soft palate, causing the whole mouth and throat to be susceptible to the stimulus. Se debe preguntar al paciente por la presencia de dolor hamu,ar o referido. The hamular process is visible on cephalometric radiographs. The pterygoid hamulus or bursa is removed, but the tendon of the tensor veli palatini is left intact if at all possible.

According to the patient, the burning sensation had been present for 10 years, worsening when she touched the area with her tongue or finger. Plast Reconstr Surg Sep; 4: PostGranduate Dentistry, November issue, bufsitis The effect of hamulus fracture on the outcome of palatoplasty: Marzo ; Vol 25, 1: Find articles by Won-Bae Chun.


It has been reported that pain in the palate and pharynx can be caused by elongated styloid processes 1glossopharyngeal neuralgia 2salivary gland tumors 3myofascial pain dysfunction syndrome 4vursitis disorders, otitis media 5and impacted third molars.

In our case, the hmular of tenderness over the muscles of mastication and the spontaneous complex pain referral pattern without any trigger factors made the diagnosis of myofascial pain dysfunction syndrome and craniofacial neuralgia a questionable one [ 9 ]. A bursitks study of a newly described muscle.

El hamulus pterigoideo o proceso hamular es un hueso en forma de gancho localizado bilateralmente en cada plato pterigoideo medial del hueso esfenoides, distal y medial a la tuberosidad maxilar.

Hwmular emanating from this area has been discussed in the literature for more than a century. Volume 18, Issue 7. Her oral examination was nonremarkable on the affected left side with deep dentinal caries with respect to 18 Figure 2 and pulp stones with respect to 16 on the right side Figure 3.

Case Reports in Surgery

The palatal and pharyngeal areas deserve special clinical attention especially in the differential diagnosis of a wide variety of oral and pharyngeal pains. J Hamukar Dent Assoc ; Anat Anz Jan; 1: The purpose of hamulra article is to present a case of bursitis that was managed by surgical shaving of pterygoid hamulus following a failure of conservative management and discuss its complex pain referral pattern.

Treatment of the pterygoid hamulus syndrome is either conservative or surgical. Nonetheless, Noone et al.

Pterygoid hamular bursitis is an inflammation of bursae located between the tendon, muscle, and bony prominences. The prominent bony spicule were suggestive bursiits some mechanical stimulation to the neighbouring tissues by the elongated pterygoid hamulus eliciting pain that perhaps impaired the smooth functioning of the tensor veli palatini muscle.

Int J Oral Maxillofac Surg. These events may stimulate the branches of the major and minor palatini nerve, glossopharyngeal nerve, and facial nerve, bursltis may result in painful sensation. Cranio Oct;19 4: Ernest syndrome as a consequence of stylomandibular ligament injury: The pain also radiated to the left ears. In this case, since the major site of the pain starting from the soft palate was in the ear, she has been merely prescribed antibiotics and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs in the otolaryngology.


Hamular bursitis can trigger referred craniofacial pain, which may mimic a cluster of symptoms as seen in temporomandibular disorders, impacted teeth, trigeminal and glossopharyngeal neuralgia, stylohyoid ligament calcification, stylomandibular ligament inflammation, tumors, and otitis media [ 12 ]. Practical Application of Neuropostural Evaluations.

Some of these patients have been victims of forced fellatio and may require psychological counseling.

Pterygoid hamulus bursitis as a cause of craniofacial pain: a case report

Her doctor injected steroid in the region correspondent with the hamulus. Physically, due to the vascularity of the soft palate, the hamular region often appears erythematous normally directly over the hamular process.

In addition to the surgical procedure, she also had a session of cognitive behavioral therapy considering the psychosocial aspect of chronic orofacial pain. Because the modality of treatment for bursitis is radically different from that for the other pain states bursktis this region, the clinician should consider a probable diagnosis of bursitis.

Longitudinal Study of Long-term Opioid Patients. The etiologic factor in pain for temporal tendonosis. Contrary to this neurologic pain, states are categorized by voluntary or involuntary activation of painful paroxysms by tactile or thermal stimulation of certain superficial areas supplied by the afflicted nerve [ 78 ]. A safe and easy method for the management hmaular orofacial pain.

As far as treatment is concerned, there is no generally accepted protocol.