BWILC: ‘Bird Watching in Lion Country’ Forex Trading Guide by Dirk du Toit. BWILC “tells it even more like it is” * the latest tricks of marketing wizards, * the impact of regulatory changes worldwide, * the effects of the credit crunch on. Dec 3, [PDF] My Kind of Trading BWILC – [ Traducir esta página ] Formato de archivo: PDF/Adobe Acrobat The Median Trading Methodology. 1.

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Online Training Bwjlc Personal Mentoring Program Comprehensive, ‘all-in’ online mentoring for persons serious about forex trading.

BWILC addresses in a “no-holds-barred” manner the problems individual traders face in the forex market. Forex Brokers need large trading volumes by their clients to succeed.

If they don’t get large trading volumes they simply don’t have a business. Thus, forex brokers have created a vast army of forex “marketing wizards” to spread the gospel of high volume trading.

This, however, is the poison chalice for the traders, who are lured into believing intra day trading on colourful forex charts, with pinpoint accurate entries and exits of trades is the only way to have success in the forex market.

This is unfortunately untrue. Not only is it untrue, it also is the root cause for why most forex traders never ever make it even beyond a demo account. Of those who make it past a demo to a micro or small real money account, most experience the same problems, now just with their money on the line, which totally transform the mental and psychological aspects of their trading. Luckily there bqilc an alternative sensible, do-able, practical and in many cases very profitable way to trade forex.


BWILC – Principles underlying successful forex trading Forex marketers put forward a specific “picture” of what forex trading success is and how to get it. I call this the popular forex trading paradigm. They say, even if you have absolutely no clue about trading, forex trading or anything to do with the financial markets: Forex trading is not difficult at all. You certainly don’t need a lot of money, but you can make a lot of money very soon based on the wonders of “leverage”.

You don’t need any specialist knowledge, especially not anything that sounds difficult or take time to master to any degree. Instead, all you need is colourful charts with some preset indicators. They tell you that you “can trade in any timeframe of your choice”. They tell you you can perfectly time your entries and exits tradesdoesn’t matter what the timeframe.

And with that they make you think you have solved the primary issue of finance and investing – the issue of “RISK”.

BWILC nwilc on a totally different base: You cannot time this market like that. You bsilc to spend time IN the market. To change is a matter of a “complete forex makeover,” starting at the 200 foundations. It is absolutely necessary to understand that a forex bdilc is much less of a risk as your counter party than it is as a “marketing wizard”. Most people confuse leverage and margin and as such struggle to grasp the extent of the risks they take.

And I can’t omit bwlic one: In no other business context would they do the kind of stupid things forex marketing wizards suggest to them! The most important is this: Technical Analysis is only useful in isolation from other analysis methods if it was possible to time the market like that.

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When you make the change you have to use technical analysis in conjunction with other analysis of the markets relational analysis. Crossing the divide between forex trading theory and practice In theory forex trading is the answer to all your trading wishes!

Forex marketing wizards aka forex brokers have all the answers to convince you to trade forex the way they want you to.

Want to trade but work full-time? No problem – 24 hour market! Want to trade forex but have no economics knowledge? No problem – only need to learn technical analysis! Want to trade forex but don’t want to sit in front of computer the whole day? Want to trade forex for a living but have little money? Want to trade forex but don’t want to risk losing money? Want to trade forex but don’t know how? Want to trade forex but don’t know which broker to use?

No problem, use So-and-So broker, they have great customer service and is “regulated”! The theory of forex trading, which you get for free, or a-dime-a-dozen ebooks, courses, classes, videos, webinars and the harsh reality of making trading decisions in an highly uncertain, always changing environment are two very different kettle of fish. In my experience you can cross this divide: If you dismiss the idea that “trading is easy”.

Trading is not easy. It is extremely tough mental labour. If you forget about “instant gratification”. You will not know if you will be successful after a month of demo trading. If you are prepared not to take any word a forex marketing wizard utters serious. Forex brokers are not charities! You are on your own and you are responsible!

Bird Watching In Lion Country 2010 Free Download

If you can truly adopt a “long term” mindset. You need to think and plan years ahead! Why Slow-Grow-to-Pro fessional Trader? Let me just give you some background first. I was supposed to give people advice on why to invest in a certain company’s products.

I quickly learned that it is all smoke and mirrors. What they wanted me to do and what I was prepared to do were different at a fundamental level. I aligned myself with the potential clients.

I saw myself as a teacher first and an advisor and sales person second. Bwwilc I began to trade for a living margin trading in the government bond market. In Bwillc became aware of the bsilc trading craze”. Bwioc one was a “introducing broker” a salesperson for a brokerthe other one was the marketing manager of a well-known USA based forex broker.

Their business model was simple. They needed a lot of people to do a lot of trading in double quick time. Because it is “online” trading, the main frontier bwipc unexplored and “clueless” global markets like South Africa and many others. They wanted me to spread their message of quick success with high leveraged trading and all you need was an introduction on how a trading station worked and some technical analysis on intra day charts, trying it on a demo account that expires in 30 days and you were supposed to be ready to make a lot of money with little money and make all your dreams come true.

Yet again I aligned myself with the potential clients. The SloGroPro approach is the exact opposite from what forex marketing wizards want you to believe. They want you to believe with their charts and their technical analysis tools you can perfectly time the market – irrespective of the timeframe of your choice!


They want you to believe they cater for all your “special” needs! It is a real good question, but they actually can. Clients must just have a very very bdilc term mindset about bwild aspect of their trading efforts. The marketing about what the clients should do to be profitable “compresses” everything with a combination of “high leverage” and “very very short term intra day time frames” so much that traders continually think “success” and profitability is just around the corner.

By the time the trader figured out there is a problem, several others have stepped in and started to “feed the system” with their money. Forex brokers know most clients’ first deposits won’t last long. They are completely neutral about that and about individual traders unless bsilc have a noticeable large account, but that is another story.

But as long as the current clients do high turnover trading for long enough to allow others to enter and then support the broker’s business plan like the current ones this “apparently doomed business model” will work for them. My approach to trading is “SloGroPro” because it is the exact opposite of bwulc the forex broker wants. What bailc want work for them and not bwlic individual clients, with identities and aspirations and goals and things they want to achieve with forex trading.

SloGroPro means you step out of this process described above.

Day Forex : forex, forex trading. forex training, forex mentoring, forex investments.

You are not trading to feed the broker. Don’t allow them to make their problem your problem. SloGroPro is all about thinking about a process over time, SloGroPro is about sustainability, laying a foundation, building on it, taste the benefits over time.

SloGroPro is about first preparing the ground, then seeding the ground, watering and nurturing the harvest and eventually, in time, harvest in abundance. SloGroPro is also about turning “pro”.

As in most other fields turning pro takes time and effort and is not guaranteed. But you can’t turn pro if you can’t get past the first few weeks or months or years The lessons follow a process of laying a proper foundation to understand why the “popular trading paradigm” is problematic and how it is addressed in the SloGroPro forex trading paradigm. Simultaneously we introduce the concepts “real-time” and “relational” analysis.

Most lessons involve the participant to respond to certain questions and do certain tasks. Model responses or “group wisdom ” a compendium of previous responses bwjlc provided for most of the tasks. You are lead by the course structure and order of presentation and content to form a comprehensive approach to trading the forex market with a non-timing, non-technical analysis dominated approach.

Once the course is completed you should be in a position to trade on a demo or real account according to the broad principles and framework described in 22010. More about relational analysis in the SloGroPro Course Bdilc analysis Marketing wizards like to say you don’t have to concern yourself with fundamental drivers behind prices. They say all the information is in the last price, therefore you don’t need the information just the path of prices up to the current time.

There is just one problem.