We give a short introduction to Malliavin calculus which finishes with the proof The Malliavin derivative and the Skorohod integral in the finite. Application du calcul de Malliavin aux problèmes de contrôle singulier. Devant le jury. Abdelhakim Necir. Pr. UMK Biskra Président. Brahim Mezerdi. Pr. Using multiple Wiener%It/o stochastic integrals and Malliavin calculus we servant des int egrales multiples de Wiener%It/o et du calcul de Malliavin, nous.

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In probability theory and related fields, Malliavin calculus is a set of mathematical techniques and ideas that extend the mathematical field of calculus of variations from deterministic functions to stochastic processes.

Application du calcul de Malliavin aux équations différentielles stochastiques sur le plan

In particular, it allows the computation of derivatives of random variables. Malliavin calculus is also called the stochastic calculus of variations.


The calculus has been applied to stochastic partial differential equations as well.

The calculus allows integration by parts with random variables ; this operation is used in mathematical finance to compute the sensitivities of financial derivatives. The calculus has applications in, for example, stochastic filtering. His calculus enabled Malliavin to prove regularity bounds for the solution’s density.

The calculus has been applied to stochastic partial differential equations. A similar idea can be applied in stochastic analysis for the differentiation along a Cameron-Martin-Girsanov direction.

One of the most useful results from Malliavin calculus is the Clark-Ocone theoremwhich allows the process in the martingale malliaavin theorem to be identified explicitly. A simplified version of this theorem is as follows:.

Malliavin calculus

The existence of this adjoint follows from the Riesz representation theorem for linear operators on Hilbert spaces. The calculus has applications for ccalcul in stochastic filtering. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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