The problem with Acrobat is that they changed the naming convention for DDE commands. For the version 11 you have to use AcroviewA Still in [Exec\Acrobat ] comment out the “DDEOpen” This should make WinEdt stop showing the warning “Cannot Open DDE Link to:” You I switched to Sumatra PDF, which works well with my WinEdt Using Sumatra but still encountering DDE acrobat based error the pdf in Sumatra I encounter the following error: Cannot Open DDE Link to.

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This document explains how to configure your favourite editor for synchronization with SumatraPDF. To use the first one you just need to load the ‘pdfsync’ package in your latex document as follows:.

When compiling your source file, LaTeX will generate a. This file can then be used by SumatraPDF to perform synchronization. With SyncTeX it is not necessary to load any package.

Configuring editors with SumatraPDF

However sumarta need to specify the ‘synctex’ switch when compiling your document with pdflatex:. Also make sure you have updated your Dre installation as only recent releases of pdftex support this feature TeXLive and MikTex 2. For more details on the synchronization feature of SumatraPDF, check the following posts: Post 1 Post 2 Post 3.


With the inverse search synchronization feature, double-clicking on the PDF file in SumatraPDF brings you directly to corresponding line in the. By default the WinEdt editor is invoked.

Configuring editors with SumatraPDF

The format of the string is:. Forward search gives you the ability to go from the source. This section explains how suumatra configure forward and inverse search for some popular LaTeX editors. If your are using synchronization based on the pdfsync package then you can just compile your TeX file as usually. If instead you prefer to use SyncTeX-based synchronization then you need to tweak the compilation switches in TeXnicCenter as follows:.

If you are using the official build of SumatraPDF this setting can be set permanently at the command-line with:. If you are using my own build then go to SumatraPDF setting dialog and set up the inverse search command from there.

Problems with Winedt 7 and Adobe Acrobat? | software for scholars

The first 0 in the parameters indicates that you want to cnanot the result in any existing window where the given PDF document is opened; a new window will be created if the PDF is not already opened.


Set this option to 1 to force the creation of a new window.

The dse 0 tells SumatraPDF to stay in the background and leave the focus to the text editor. I have updated the above documentation accordingly. Older troubleshooting information can be found here.

You can download it from vim-fwdsumatra. Installation instructions are provided in the zip file. Published Friday, 10 October Blog Research Software Links About me.