what Psalms and readings tend to be used in a Tenebrae service? I would like to put one together for our little community for Holy Week next. Tenebrae Candlesticks Tenebrae candlestick “Tenebrae” is the name given to the service of Matins and Lauds belonging to the last three days of Holy Week. ‘Tenebrae’ sounds weird, but even though it is somber, it might end up being your favorite church service.

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Psalm numbering according to Vulgate.

What is a Tenebrae Service?

Augustineand the lessons of the third nocturn from the Epistles. In the Methodist tradition, fourteen candles, along with a central Christ candle, are lit on the Tenebrae hearse after the Opening Prayer. Psalm 50 Psalm 50 – Miserere. Read slowly and reflectively. The strepitus Latin for “great noise”made by slamming a book shut, banging a hymnal or breviary against the pew, or stomping tenebraf the floor, symbolizes the earthquake that followed Christ’s death, although it may have originated as a simple signal to depart.

The readings are no longer three, divided into nine shorter tenebrar, but two longer readings, and there is provision for extending the Office of Readings on more solemn occasions.

In Lutheran churches that observe the celebration, the Tenebrae service is typically held on Good Friday. In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

You can also find out How to Conduct a Tenebrae Service. Canticle of Zachary Luke 1: First Reading Mtt Collins English Dictionary British usage gives: Third Reading Mk Retrieved from ” https: If you wish to have a procession to begin the liturgy, a suitable hymn is needed.


Some Tenebrae responsory settings led their own life in Protestant tenebrqe, for instance:.

All is sad and mournful, as though it were a funeral service; nothing could more emphatically express the grief that now weighs down the heart of our holy Mother the Church.

It was the first time they experienced a Tenebrae service, so I prepared them for it.

This desertion on the part of His apostles and disciples is expressed by the candles being extinguished, one after the other, not only on the triangle, but on the altar itself. Tenebrae services today, usually held on one day instead of three, follow many of the ancient customs.

After each reading, a pupil should come forward and extinguish one candle. It is traditional to pause after the words of the fifth reading “Then Jesus cried again with a loud voice and breathed his last. This adaptation of the Liturgy of Tenebrae works well in schools and has an impact on pupils. It could be read by one or several readers. History and Traditions of Holy Week p. The six altar candles are put out during the Benedictus, and then any remaining lights in the church.

What is a Tenebrae Service?

Supervising staff need to be briefed so that they know how to dismiss pupils without speaking and are themselves silent and solemn. Psalm 29 Psalm In the Roman Catholic Church”Tenebrae” is the name given to the celebration, with special ceremonies, of Matins and Laudsthe first two hours of the Divine Officeof the last three days of Holy Week. Tenebrae Service and Concert”.


Psalm 70 Psalm It is designed to focus attention and create calm. All rise and then leave in silence.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Outside of religious communities that still use matins and lauds, the service catholif usually adapted for congregational use. Ecclesiastical Latin Latin Mass. Robert Appleton Company, The glory of the Son of God was servie and, so to say, eclipsed, by the ignominies He endured during His Passion.

You can download a printable version to use as a hand-out or bulletin insert. Fifth Reading Mtt Parishes that do celebrate Tenebrae follow a variety of practices. But it can be effective, especially as it is followed by silence and dismissal in silence. At this point, the service ends. Mary Magdalene Toronto is notable for the excellence of its music, of which the musical Tenebrae services are exemplary.

Then the master of ceremonies takes the lighted candle from the triangle and holds it upon the altar while the choir repeats the antiphon after the canticle, after which she hides it behind the altar during serivce recitation of the Christus antiphon and final prayer. Psalm 73 Psalm