Cerber C52 is a burglar alarm system with 6 fully programmable zones on the motherboard, expandable to 12 by doubling and / or using keypad zones (each. Cerber c Users Guide – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Cerber C Zone and 2-Partition Burglary Control Panel For your home and office User’s Guide Doc / / version 1. INTRODUCTION.

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The following sequence will be introduced: If in this section, one of the 2 groups of 2 digits are set both with value 0, then the corresponding ceeber will try to auto arm after every second if no activity will be detected in the area.

If any trouble condition occurs, it needs to be solved before arming to assure a proper function for system. If the siren sound is stopped while the system is disarmed, using a proper user code, the system will not be armed in the meantime, cerner the sounders stops.

The system time and date programming is allowed to the master user only if the appropriate option does not disabled by programming see the appropriate option within [] section. Press [ ] key to exit system trouble displaying menu. Section [] — Manually Activation of PC callback The PGM1 to PGM6 output will change again their status when the system clock is identical with the time established in corresponding sections from [] to [].

In this case, if the user wants to arm the system after the siren sound was stopped, he must key in again the user code. Mechanical tampering, masking, painting, or spraying of any material on the mirrors, windows or any part of the optical system can reduce detection ability.

Cerber c Users Guide – Documents

An overload on the siren control wire is detected only during when a condition has occurred which 21 would activate the bell output e. After entering the 3 digits corresponding to the order number of one submenu, the keypad buzzer will beep for 3 times, confirming the system is being within respective submenu. To bypass a zone press the key which corresponds to the zone number and the appropriate LED will turn ON.


Only zone 1 LED Blinking That means the selected user code, the follow me phone number or the system time and date are not programmed and the control panel is waiting for first digit group for respective option. Smoke detectors may not sense a fire on another level of a residence or building.

If the buzzer warnings were enabled by programming, during the exit delay the keypad buzzer will sound warning beeps.

These events occur by activating the correspondingly 24h defined zones, or by simultaneously pressing a combination of keys from keypad: Before entering this section the PC modem must be passed in the waiting status for control panel calls. Smoke detectors may not sense fires that start where smoke cannot reach the detectors, such as chimneys, in walls, or roofs, or on the other side of closed doors.

The user code must have the right for arming. In a partitioned system, entering any of quick arming commands is followed by a time of 5 seconds in which the the user has to choose the disarmed partitions to be armed without codes; to arm the A partition the user must press [1] key and to arm the B partition the user must press [2] key please note that if the user is pressing the key which corresponds to an armed partition, the keypad buzzer will sound a long beep.

Cerber c612 Users Guide

Section [] — Walk Test service mode Allowed default rights for these user codes are: If [8] key is pressed and the zone 3 LED is blinking, then the 8-th memorized alarm was triggered by zone 3.

After cerbrr, the user must leave the objective before the exit delay elapses. Quick Arming Modes Arming without user codes Quick arming features allow the system to be quickly armed by any person who may not own a user code. cerbber

Program the inactivity autoarming time as it is described in [] section. In general, detectors may not always warn about fires caused by carelessness and safety hazards like smoking in bed, violent explosions, escaping gas, improper storage of flammable materials, overloaded electrical circuits, children playing with matches, or arson. If the buzzer warnings were enabled by programming, then during the exit delay the keypad buzzer will sound warning beeps. The autoarming time is programmed ceerber the hour clock i.


Moreover, smoke detectors have sensing limitations.

cerber C – user guide

After all sensors in the system was tested, press [ ] key to exit this testing mode. The control panel will no longer consider the detectors from a bypassed zone. Then the panel exits the section and will wait for a new command.

V612 cancel the command user can press [ ] key. The following sequence will be performed: Zone LEDs a While the system is completely armed: The command will be accepted only if the system is disarmed. If the feature is got activated, the keypad buzzer will beep for 3 times and, if it is got deactivated, the keypad buzzer will sound a long beep.

The 1 to 5 options will be displayed according to the table bellow: In order to program the selected phone number, you should enter maximum 15 digits as you would on a key phone. Section [] – Manually Activation of PC callback Entering section [] allows to the installer to manually initiate the PC call to establish the communication between the control panel and PC. They cannot detect motion or intrusion that takes place behind walls, ceiling, floors, closed doors, glass partitions, glass doors or windows.

The user code must have the disarming siren stopping right; After entering the first code digit, the continuous beep will stop and upon each key pressing, the keypad buzzer will sound a short confirmation beep.