Chrome Shelled Regios is Amagi’s second work of light novels that won the Academy Category Award in the Light Novel Awards held in Its theme is. On you can find hundreds of english translated light novel, web 鋼殻のレギオス; Chrome Shelled Regios; Chrome Shelled Regios: Short. Light Novel / Chrome Shelled Regios A series of Light Novels that has 4 (Yes, 4!) how The End of the World as We Know It came about) entirely in English.

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Translators please register for chapters they want to work on. A sibling feud also becomes apparent.

Chrome Shelled Regios (Complete Novel, 25 Volumes)

Chrome Shelled Regios vol. However, his past has caught the attention of Kalian Lossthe Student Council President and Nina Antalka Military Arts student and Captain of the 17th Platoon, who instantly recognizes his abilities and decides he’s the perfect candidate to join her group.

Layfon who is rapidly changing, has been left behind. It is a proof liyht his forgiveness which Layfon rejected and Leerin is worried.

Read Koukaku no Regios Novel – Read Koukaku no Regios novel online at

What is her true intention for showing up in Zuellni. You need to login to do this.


Retrieved from ” https: On the other hand, Layfon and his platoon gets tasked to investigate a ruined city along with Platoon 5. This page was last edited on 12 Augustat There are 24 volumes in all.

Chrome Shelled Regios

A Rainbow of Smiles Doki Doki! A time when cities battle necessarily for the source of Selenium and where defense fall on those with the abilities to wield weapons bovel Kei energy. These are needed to protect from the horribly polluted regioa and giant man-eating Filth Monsters. Get Known if you don’t have an account. A short story light novel series was serialized in Dragon Magazine. At the same time, Karian and Haia for some reason, appears in Glendan.

Caught up in a fight that was rapidly getting out of hand, Layfon settled the commotion without anyone’s help. Back in Zuellni, Nina is unable to give an account on her disappearance. I finished watching Chrome Shelled Regios a while ago. Regios are moving cities, sheltering humanity on the barren and polluted Earth that is populated by Filth Monsters.

They encounter a group holding fake student passes. Nina meets Van Allen Dee, a drifting youth, in a strange environment, not knowing what significance it would bring.

From there, Karian is oblivious to the events that have happened in Zuellni. Articles needing additional references from February All articles needing additional references Articles containing Japanese-language text Articles with Japanese-language external links.


One by one the Heaven Blade Wielders fall. A four-panel comic strip adaptation drawn by Masumi Futaba started serialization in Monthly Dragon Age on November 8, The anime adaptation started airing in January and was produced by Zexcs. The world after the final battle. Leerin exhibits a marked change physically. Leerin Marfes, the childhood friend who is rumoured to be his legal wife.

Chrome Shelled Regios – Baka-Tsuki

Older updates can be found on the Chrome Shelled Regios Updates page. Felli confronts an impending danger. Anime and Regjos portal. Japanese site Purchase for Traditional Chinese versions of these titles are available here.

Soon, Leerin will get to meet Layfon and she waits in anticipation. Views Read Edit View history. The series finished with 25 light novel volumes – with 19 volumes of the main story-line and 6 being the side-story novels.

In a world where its history are almost completely forgotten, lives thrive on in cities ligbt Regioswhere the mysterious presence of Electronic Fairies dwell individually, roaming to protect them from contaminants and filth monsters.