Coming again to Cittanupassana, in the Sacittapariyaya Sutta, Maha .. be said that either Kayanupassana or Vedananupassana is excluded. Vedananupassana(awareness of feelings): bodily and mental Cittanupassana( awareness of the mind): thoughts that arise in the mind – of. download. com. http:// ://

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The answer is, for example, on the arising of Lobha consciousness, if Vipassana is contemplated Yogi vedwnanupassana the Lobha conscious ness is nowhere to be found but instead there is only the arising and perishing of it which means there is no more Lobha Citta. Should this Wrong View stand in the way he could never attain Sotapatti Magga.

They are as follows: It is of 4 kinds:. It is the mind in which the wrong view of Egoism or I-ness or personality element dwells most, and it is the breeding place of Sakkaya Ditthi. Wherever and whenever sensory citanupassana comes into contact with an object there arises Cakkhusamphassaja Vedana feeling caused by vedananupaswana eye consciousness ; Whenever ear comes into contact with a sound there arises sotasamphassaja vedana feeling caused by the ear consciousness ; in like manner whenever nose, tongue, body or mind reflects there arises the respective Vedanas ‘ Ghanasamphssajavedana, Jiva samphassaja vedana, Kaya cithanupassana vedana, Manosamphassaja vedana and so on’ Occasionally there arise Sukha Vedana, Xnd Vedana and Upekkha vedana indifference according to desirable, undesirable and neutral objects.

So, he should observe and be aware and mindful of whatever experience he has encountered at this stage. Thus, there is the chain in the Law of Dependent Origination. Then another feeling arises and passes away. Nobody could deny that Samadhi is higher, nobler and more virtuous than Sila, whereas Panna is higher, nobler and more virtuous than Samadhi, hence Panna is said to be the highest and noblest of the virtues because it is only Panna which will enable the Yogi to exterminate all the Kilesas defilements and attain Nibbana.

This means ‘come and look. However, countless satipatthana retreats are advertised as “vipassana retreats”. Coming again to Cittanupassana, in the Sacittapariyaya Sutta, Maha Sariputta said that it was not easy to read another’s mind because it may be right or wrong, but is reading one’s own mind it would never be wrong because it was quite easy to know what was occurring in one’s own mind.

Post as a guest Cittanupassanq. Should there be more distraction, restlessness and confusion, Kilesa Lobha, Dosa, Moha will find an easy place to abide and dwell in your being, in which case it is better for the Yogi to observe the arising and perishing of whatever comes in.


The Buddha said, ‘I know not any other single Dhamma so beneficial as the mind which has already been cultivated and developed.

Email Required, but never shown. Therefore meditation or contemplation on arising and perishing amounts to or covers the whole of the Four Noble Truths, Catu Ariya Sacca, hence this Vipassana meditation should be practised as soon as possible. The above thirteen kinds of Citta are all embracing and cover all the Cittas which belong to the ordinary worldling, and it should be noted that whatever Citta arises it is only because of the impact of Arammana and Dvara object and sense door and that only through these six sense doors consciousness can arise; citta will not and can never arise outside the six sense doors.

He may become very satisfied with his practice and he may think this is nibbana the cessation of all kinds of suffering because this is the best experience he has ever had. In meditation what is exactly required by the Yogi to do is observation of one’s own consciousness with watchful awareness and understanding, the closer the watchfulness and observation of the arising and perishing the more beneficial will it be to the Yogi.

Therefore it must be emphatically mentioned here for the benefit of those intending Yogis that it is absolutely impossible in Vipassana to experience such undesirable incidents.

Chapter 4 – The Four Foundations Of Mindfulness

This stage if far better and higher than the position of the monarch of the Universe, or the Cakka Raja of Devaloka, because according to the saying of the Buddha, ‘ Ctuha Piyehica Vippamutto ‘, Sotapanna is free from danger of falling into the four stages of Apaya miserable existence and again in the same sutta, it is said, ‘ Caccibi thanini Ababba Katum. This is only the resultant effect of the Causal Law.

The Maha Thera’s main object in emphasising the importance of Cittanupassana; is to eliminate the prevalence of long and deep rooted wrong view as regards Vinnana in the mind of the Buddhist population. It is obvious that Upadana arises because of ‘paccaya’ Tanha which vanishes leaving paccaya, cause for the arising of Upadana, hence ‘ Tanha paccaya Upadana’. Similarly there is not a single moment which is free from Vedana.

This feeling or sensation is of three types: When Dosa citta hatred ; or Lobha citta craving arises they are to be understood, observed and cognized as Dosa Citta, Lobha Citta and so on.


Sukkha, Dukkha and Upekkha Vedanas arise and perish alternately. These cittas arise singly, one at a time, as has previously been mentioned. Why Ditthi is the root cause may be explained as follows. The preceding phenomenon opens the way for the arising of Upadana and in this case, it is Tanha which gives the way for the arising of Upadana and so Upadana arises cittanupassana of ‘paccaya ‘ Tanha.

This is Aniccanupassana which will be dealt with in the following chapters.

This feeling or sensation is of three types:. Because he has realised that the pleasant vedananupassaha or sensation together with the good experience is impermanent, he will not be attached to it. This is how, and from where the idea of personality, I or Ego or Mine or Me comes in. Vedana is more than that.

When the noting mind becomes constant, sustained and powerful, it penetrates into the nature of his experience, i. The four satipatthana are Kayanupassana-satipatthana, Vedananupassana-satipatthana, Cittanupassana-satipatthana, Dhammanupassana-satipatthana.

The Doctrine of Patriccasammupada /

Vedana; arising on eye base, ear base, nose base, tongue base cithanupassana Upekkha. We should check what is happening actually in ourselves to see if it accords with what is said in the Paticcasamuppada. Moreover, there is no opportunity for Dukkha, Domanassa, Upayasa to arise, hence the Paticcasamuppada is broken in the end.

Then he went to the fourth Arahat and put the same question. The third Arahat answered that one would be able to see and realise Nibbana if he perceived and comprehended the arising and perishing nature of the four Mahabhutas four elementsPathavi, Apo, Vayo, Tejo.

When the Buddha had explained the seven benefits of mindfulnesshe continued to explain the Four Foundations of Mindfulness:. When, the mind is free and uncontrolled the physical action has no restraint, giving free expression to our thoughts and emotions. It is generally vddananupassana that when one gets pains, ache, or illness, it is called Vedana but Vedana is more than that.

Hence it will run thus, Anicca and Magga, Anicca and Magga, and when there is no other intruding Kilesa defilement or impurity between Anicca and Magga, Magga Phala Path and Fruition can be attained in this very life. The three internal visitors: