However I do not see any calls into our support center since your site was commissioned. So I am not sure what customer service agents you. Equipment interconnecting cables;; Reloading initializing instructions and re- commissioning;; Verification of proper operation and completion of service report; . visible only after the modem has been commissioned and is operational. Figure System Control Center button links. Click the button to go to.

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This needs skill and care and time – it may take an hour.

The cost of all parts required to restore service; e. This means that if an onsite service call is required within the first day period after you have enrolled in the Plan, your co-pay will be higher than the co-pay after the expiration of the vesting period. You must sign in or register on myHughesNet.

What is Express Repair?

If the intended adjustment amount is – commisssioned then there is some preference that the initial 90 deg adjustment is clockwise as viewed from behind the dish. For a Vertical polarisation starting position rotte the entire dish 90 deg, one way or the other.

Comissioned deemed necessary, Hughes will dispatch an authorized Hughes service technician to your location for onsite troubleshooting and restoration of hughhesnet service. Disconnect the Horizon meter if used and reconnect the LNB cable.

In reverse, you must turn off at the AC mains; never disconnect the DC cable between the modem and the power unit while the mains power is on. According to the tariff you have chosen you have various thresholds per 8 hour period. But, on page 10 there is reference to a forward yoke which is not used in this instance. Found this about making flash videos.


Express Repair — Premium. De-installation, relocation, or removal of the Equipment huhhesnet any accessories, attachments, or other devices. One suggestion is to put the two nuts about 2 turns loose.

HughesNet Satellite Internet

This is not your average TV Dish Installation. Point your dish at the satellite. By this Multiply or Divide Bits or Bytes by the Commissiond 8, then you can see their results on an equal forum, that is, ” IF ” their DownLoad Rates are actually as advertised, which none of them guarantee due to the amount of Customers who may be using the Internet at any time of the Day. Open a command prompt window on your PC and type ipconfig; you should see IP address Specification of Hughes HX50 terminal Forum discussion: Hughes will require troubleshooting of the system over the telephone or otherwise to verify any failure prior to scheduling an onsite service call.

The coax cables should not be attached to walls etc, using evenly spaced clips. There is a strong plastic moulded dome shape which attaches accurately to the back of the dish with proper bolts. The dish elevation will hugbesnet up a little and you may lose the signal temporarily. These are good instructions and worth reading. Express Repair Terms and Conditions 1. It is important not to interrupt the process. The longer ends go to the reflector.

Warranty in Alaska is by the good graces of the Dealer and the Installer.

HughesNet HX VSAT terminal installation

Local oscillator switching is done using a 22 kHz tone from the modem, sent up the coax cable. At the time of entering the order, Customer may select Service coverage hours on a site-by-site basis from the coverage plans available for that site.

Tell them the signal quality factor you measured. A representative can initiate the onsite support request. Setting the elevation angle. When using an inclinometer the scale may read backwards.

  ISO 11519-3 PDF

Your Water Tank Fills continuously, all day, 24 hours per day. If Horizontal, then the feed arm will be central at the bottom, near the ground set like the picture above. The charges associated with Time and Materials Services will be Hughes’ then-current charges.

You will be refunded any prorated portion of the monthly fee paid in advance for the current month. That you will keep your billing account with Hughes in good standing; d. Satellite Internet is available everywhere! Loss of service resulting from damaged or missing antenna or mount; b. Clockwise, while facing towards the satellite, is positive.

In addition to the Services coverages described above, Customer may also elect to order a Hughes technician to visit a Customer location on a Time and Materials basis.

Having set the nominal polarisation, apply the adjustment amount. If Customer has purchased one of the services described above, spares will be provided at no additional charge.

Express Repair Terms and Conditions

The cpmmissioned of the dish has been spray painted with a matt white paint which has a hydrophobic effect. The site is north of the equator and the satellite is in a south-westerly direction. Where the fishing lines crossed in the middle, the lines just touched, with either one on top. There is no elevation angle scale. This option is provided at no cost to the customer.

Indoor modem unit HX50 This unit must be mounted on edge as shown using the base provided. Wind the outer nut all the way through the beam peak, while counting the turns.