Configuration: Basic Software Configuration Using the Setup Facility. Note Cisco and Cisco routers have a hardware limitation on. Software configuration. • Regulatory compliance and safety information. Product Serial Number Location. The serial number label for the Cisco router is. Configuration of a Cisco in PacketTracer, for SSH – crunning-config- for-ssh.

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How To Configure DNS Server On A Cisco Router

This allows us to successfully find and connect to Internet websites and services no matter where they are. Its usefulness, however, doesn’t stop there: Today, small rouuteur routers have the ability to integrate DNS functionality, making life easier, but so do Cisco routers – they simply have to be setup and you’re done.

This article will show you how to configure your Cisco router to provide DNS services to your network, and make all clients use it as a DNS server. Our easy to routeeur step-by-step process ensures you’ll understand the process and have it running within minutes.


Consider the following network diagram.

This is our example network, we’d like to enable the DNS Service so our workstations can properly resolve Internet domains but also local network names. Next, we need to configure the router with a configurqtion name-server, this will force the router to perform recursive DNS lookups, in other words, for every request it receives from our workstations the ccisco will try to find the answer by asking as many DNS servers it needs, and finally return with an answer:.

Next step is to configure your DNS server with the host names of your local network, this cofniguration when Alan’s PC trys to ping or connect to Wayne, the router will successfully resolve its netbios name to the appropriate IP address:.

If you now try to ping ‘wayne’ directly from your router’s CLI prompt, you should receive an answer:.

Cisco IOS Cookbook, 2nd Edition by Ian Brown, Kevin Dooley

At this point, you can configure your workstations to use your router’s IP address as the primary DNS server:. We’ve covered how a Cisco router can be used as a basic DNS server to enable network clients to perform DNS queries for the local network and Internet.


Future articles in DNS will cover condiguration advanced configurations, including full domain resource records, DNS load balancing and more. If you have found the article useful, we would really appreciate you sharing it with others by using the provided services on the top left corner of this article.

How To Configure DNS Server On A Cisco Router

Sharing our articles takes only a minute of your time and helps Firewall. Back to Cisco Routers Section. Deal with bandwidth spikes Free Download. Web Vulnerability Scanner Free Download.

TP : Configuration de routeurs CISCO – PDF

R1 configure terminal R1 config ip dns server R1 config ip domain-lookup. R1 config ip name-server 4.

R1 config ip host alan R1 ping wayne Type escape sequence to abort. Articles To Read Next: Cisco Router Password Recovery. Cisco Router ‘User Exec’ Mode.

Cisco Router ‘Privileged’ Mode.