Can be solved by proper setting in TeXnicCenter: “Server” and “Topic” appears three-times on settings page – be sure to change ALL three. Now i started to configure texniccenter to use ghostview via “define output profiles” in the Build Menu. And here is what i “configured”: LaTex ->. I just installed TeXnicCenter on a different computer. I don’t know how to answer: “Enter the full path of the directory, where the executables.

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To solve the problem, simply replace the server parameter from acroviewR15 to acroviewR17 like below. If another viewer is found, command line parameters to start the viewer, to view documents and to perform a forward search, can be entered in a dialog.

Thank you for your interest in this question.

The LaTeX files are just simple text files. To edit an output profile select a profile in the list and modify the settings on the three tabs. What are the command line conifgure to pass to the compiler. The acroviewR15 part solved it for me too. If so, what is the path to it?


Configuration of TeXnicCenter with MiKTeX

Read more about the new Acrobat Reader version number here. With just a mouse click you can jump to the relevant positions in your source text. Frank Seifert 2, 7 32 Because it has attracted low-quality or spam answers that had to be removed, posting an answer now requires 10 reputation on this site the association bonus does not count. You can add as many profiles as you want. Would you like to answer one of these unanswered questions instead?

How to open output as pdf directly?

About TeXnicCenter

TeXnicCenter can be configured and customized in many different ways to suit the needs of the user. If one of the above output profiles already exists, the wizard will ask permission to overwrite or to keep the existing one.

If nothing is specified here, the tool will retrieve its input data from the standard input device normally the keyboard. Can be solved by proper setting in TeXnicCenter: The command-line of this tool has to be empty.

If it is, what is the path to it? Output profiles specify answers to a number of questions: You will love TeXnicCenter.

Command-line options will be passed to the application during its start.


To get a printable output they have to be compiled. With the newest update Where other editors can only produce one format as output, TeXnicCenter allows the user to select any of these output formats.

The tools teexniccenter listed in the order of the execution.

Configuration — TeXnicCenter documentation

Tons of predefined text snippets and LaTeX commands available from the menus and the toolbars make it needless to search the LaTeX reference. Advanced configuration provides instructions for configuration changes not available directly from within TeXnicCenter.

What are the commands needed to display an output file? La TeX tab page. Support for either command line or DDE calls enables a tight integration of your favourite texnicccenter viewer like i.

Configuring TeXnicCenter

At first the Wizard will look for an installed LaTeX distribution. For the earlier version of Adobe, it should be acroviewR Output profiles define how the printable output is generated from the LaTeX files. Now TeXnicCenter will create the following output profiles: