The DIHV acts as a DHCP server and will assign all the necessary of this Quick Installation Guide or the Manual on the CD-ROM for setting each network. Manual. Building Networks for People. VPN Router. DIHV. D-Link The D- Link DIHV is a 4-port Broadband Router with Virtual Private. View and Download D-Link DIHV manual online. Broadband Hardware VPN Router. DIHV Wireless Router pdf manual download.

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Quick Installation Guide Note: Using a power supply with a different voltage rating than the one included with the DIHV will cause damage and void the warranty for this product. If any of the above items are missing, please contact your reseller. It provides a complete solution for Internet surfing, office resources sharing, and secure access to remote corporate networks.

It dii-804hv an di-804hg way to extend the reach and number of computers connected to your network. You can define the attributes, for instance opening special ports to allow packets to come through, to support special applications requiring multiple connections, such as Internet gaming, video conferencing, and Internet telephony.

The DIHV can sense the application type and open a multi- port tunnel for it. Introduction to Firewalls A firewall is a device that sits between your computer and the Internet that prevents unauthorized access to or from your network. A firewall can be a computer using firewall software or a special piece of hardware built specifically to act as a firewall. In most circumstances, a firewall is used to prevent unauthorized Internet users from accessing private networks or corporate LAN’s and Intranets.

Introduction to Virtual Private Networking Virtual Private Networking VPN uses a publicly wired network the Internet to se- curely connect two different networks as if they were the same network. For example, an employee can access a corporate network from home using VPN, allowing the employee to access files, databases, and other networked resources.

Consult with your Cable or DSL provider for proper installation of the di804hv. Type in the IP Address of http: The factory default User name is admin and the default Password is blank empty.

Click Run Wizard D-lknk welcome screen outlines the steps to complete the setup wizard. Click Next to continue. Type in the new password for the admin account. New Password- Type in the new password again to confirm. Click Next to Reconfirm- continue with the Setup Wizard. Selections can be made by clicking on the drop down list. Note that some computer and peripherals may already include built-in network adapter.

D-Link Technical Support

You can also manually type in the MAC address. You will need to complete all di804hv required fields. The subnet for the DIHV is preconfigured to r-link This feature is for advanced users.


Used mainly for DSL Internet service. Otherwise click Next to skip. Dial-up Enter the telephone number to connect to your ISP. Telephone- This information is provided by your ISP. The Dial-up Account is Dial-up Account- also known as username.

Restart- Click on Restart button to finalize the settings made. Click on Exit button to end the Setup Wizard without saving Exit- any changes. In this case WAN represents the mode in which you connect to the Internet. If you are uncertain, please ask your ISP which of the following represents your connection mode to the Internet: This is optional, but may be required by some ISPs. The host Host Name- d-ink is the device name of the Router.

Enter a maximum idle time during which Internet connection is maintained during inactivity. To disable this feature, en- able Auto-reconnect. Auto-reconnect – If enabled, the Broadband Router will automatically connect to your ISP after your system is restarted or if the connection is dropped.

This is considered your internal network. These settings may be referred to as Private settings. The tunnel technology supports data confidentiality, data origin, authentication and data integrity of network information by utilizing encapsulation di-804jv, encryption algorithms, and hashing algorithms. Enabling this mode will accelerate establishing tunnel, but Aggressive Mode- the device will have less security.

It can be a Local Subnet- host, a partial subnet or a whole subnet. DH Group- There are three groups can be selected: Enter in the life time value.

D-link DI-804HV Quick Installation Manual

Enter in a life time value. Encapsulation There are two protocols that can be selected: Protocol- Encryption Algorithm- There are two algorithms that can be selected: Tunnel Name- Current tunnel name. Enabling this mode will accelerate establishing the tunnel, Aggressive Mode- but the device will have less security.

The pre- shared key must be the same for both endpoint gateways. Proposal Name- There are three d-lijk that can be selected: Server- Select one of the following authentication protocols: Internet telephony and others. If you need to run applications that require multiple connections, specify the port normally associated with an application in the Trigger field, then enter the public ports associated with the trigger port into the Incoming Ports field.

To use them, select one from the drop down list. A URL is a specially majual text string that defines a location on the Internet. If any part of the URL contains the blocked word, the site will not be accessible and the web page will not display. You can reactivate the policy later. Name- Enter the name of the Firewall Rule. An asterisk signifies the selection of both sources. SNMP Simple Network Management Protocol is a widely used network monitoring and control protocol that reports activity on each network device to the administrator of the network.

The RIP protocol is applied, and broadcasts the routing information to other routers on the network regularly. By default, it is set to disable.


D-link DI-804HV Manual

If you have a computer that cannot run Internet applications properly from behind the DIHV, then you can allow that computer di-804bv have unrestricted Internet access. The port number used to access the DIHV. Select to enable NTP and synchronize the time settings on The current system settings can be saved as a file onto the local hard drive. Manuaal saved file or any other saved setting file created by the DIHV can be uploaded into the unit.

To reload a system settings file, click on Browse to search the local hard drive for the file to be used. First, check the D-Link support site for firmware updates at http: Make sure that the firmware you want to use is saved on the local hard drive of your computer. Click on Browse to search the local hard drive for the firmware that you downloaded from the D-Link website to be used for the update.

Click Enable to block the WAN ping. This may help to increase security. When do-804hv feature is enabled, the router will record the packet UPnP is short for Universal Plug and Play which e-link a networking architecture that provides compatibility among networking equip- ment, software, and peripherals.

First Page- Click First Page to go to the first page of the log. Last Page- Click Last Page to go to the last page of the log. Enter in the email address of the recipient who will receive the Email Address- email log.

This will update the page. Refresh- This will reset the packet counter to zero. For help at anytime, click the Help tab in the Configuration menu. Please refer to websites such as http: Networking Basics Please follow all maunal instructions in this window: Click Next In the following window, select the best description of your computer. Networking Basics Enter a Computer description and a Computer name optional.


Click Next Enter a Workgroup name. All computers on your network should have the same Workgroup name. When the changes are complete, click Next. Please wait while the Network Setup Wizard configures the computer. This may take a few minutes. Networking Basics In the window below, select the option that fits your needs. In this example, Create a Network Setup Disk has been selected. You will run this disk on each of the computers on your network.

Insert a disk into the Floppy Disk Drive, in this case drive A. To continue click Next.