DD FORM 1173-1 PDF

DD Form Recipients are dependents of: 4 Reserve members not on active duty or in receipt of retired pay. 4 Former members not in receipt of retired pay. Dependents of active duty and retired service members receive a tan colored ID Card (DD Form ). The tan ID cards authorize access to commissary. Documentation required to obtain the DD Form 2 (Reserve Retired). A notice Benefits and Privileges Authorized: The DD Form allows.

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Are you a new military family member trying to get a new military ID card for the first time? Updating Information on Your Card. If you are a dependent of a Service member and the Service member is called to active duty for 31 days or more, you and your sponsor should fill out a DD Form Examples of authorized photocopying include photocopying of DoD ID cards to facilitate medical de processing, check cashing, voting, tax matters, compliance with appendix of title 50, U.

This page was last edited on 28 Juneat Views Read Edit View history. DD Forms 2 and are easily confused as they are similar in appearance and purpose, however they are two distinct forms. They will assist family members in accessing these privileges when accompanied by a copy of the servicemember’s orders to active duty or a commissary privilege card.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. These cards will authorize appropriate 1713-1 and MWR benefits and privileges for the period of active duty specified on the member’s orders. Military Dependent ID Cards.

Uniformed Services ID Card

Pacific Time, except federal holidays. You are responsible for keeping your ID firm in good condition, and you are the only person allowed to use the card. When the RC servicemember is called to active duty for more than 30 days, part of the processing for entry on active duty should be the completion of DD Form Application for Uniformed Services Identification Card. The Military ID card is an essential part of accessing your benefits, without it you may not be able to get on base, go to the commissary, child care, or get health care.


These cards do not authorize eligibility for medical benefits. Sign up for a free Military. Any person willfully altering, damaging, lending, counterfeiting, or using these cards in an unauthorized manner is subject to fine or imprisonment or both. This is an important first step in obtaining family member and dependent medical treatment when the servicemember is 11773-1 to active duty for 31 consecutive days or more.

The cards do authorize access to exchange and certain morale, welfare and recreation privileges. You May Also Like. Military benefits are always changing — be sure you’re up to date on the benefits you’ve earned through service.

Most Popular Military Pay Articles. The modern identification card is called a Common Access Card CAC because it is also a smart card that is used with specialized card readers for automatic building access control systems, communications encryption, and computer access. This application, along with the DD Formwill allow family members and dependents to receive the DD Form tan. Government and shall be returned upon separation, resignation, firing, for of contract or affiliation with the DoD, or upon any other event in which the individual no longer requires the use de such ID card.

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You may also need your birth certificate, marriage certificate, divorce decree, or other official document to make updates to your DEERS records. You can also visit the Tricare website. The Department of Defense issues eligible 1173-11 and other eligible individuals a distinct identification card ID authorizing them to receive Uniformed Services benefits and privileges.

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This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. It also serves as proof of eligibility for medical care delivered either directly within the military health system or outside via TRICARE. Unauthorized or fraudulent use of ID cards would exist if bearers used the card to obtain benefits and privileges to which they are not entitled.

The tan ID cards authorize xd to commissary exchange and certain morale, welfare and recreation privileges. This card is needed to gain access for, medical benefits and continued access to commissary, exchange, MWR, and other privileges.

To prevent any unauthorized use, ID cards that are expired, invalidated, stolen, lost, or otherwise suspected of potential or actual unauthorized use shall be revoked 117-1 DEERS. Current DD Forms 2 and variants differ only in the color in which the blank form is printed, indicating the holder’s status. United States Department of Defense Identity documents.

United States Uniformed Services Privilege and Identification Card

Related Topics Family and Spouse Benefits. The information on this page should help you understand how to use and maintain your card. Skip to main content Press Enter. With a Uniformed Services ID Card, you will be able to access military service benefits or privileges. Retrieved from ” https: This includes 1173-11 in military career status, addresses, and family status marriage, divorce, birth, and adoption.

Prior to the October revision, the DD Form 2 form number was appended with one of five variant codes denoting branch of service A, AF, N, MC, or CGand the typewriter-filled blank form variants were overprinted with branch names and logos.