Deber y deseo. Front Cover. Pamela Aidan. Suma de Letras Deber y deseo: Trilogía Fitzwilliam Darcy, un caballero II · Pamela Aidan No preview available -. Deber y deseo: Trilogía Fitzwilliam Darcy, un caballero II (Spanish Edition). Pamela Aidan. Click here if your download doesn”t start automatically. Duty and Desire has ratings and reviews. Maria said: Es un sí pero con un enorme pero Es decir, se supone que es la historia de Orgullo y Pr.

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Dec 30, Myridian rated it liked it Shelves: Preview — Duty and Desire by Pamela Aidan.

He believes once he does, he will forget Elizabeth. Quotes from Duty and Desire.

Duty and Desire

Colonel Fitzwilliam comes off as pompous and a bit jealous of his older brother, not at all the “convivial fellow” constructed by Austen. A teaser quote selected from this book by the publishers is this: View all 8 comments.

This covers a time when Darcy and Elizabeth do not see each other at all. I did find myself liking Georgiana and her recovery from Wickham’s betrayal a lot, though; very believable and well done.

Deber y deseo(9788483650370)

It really never seemed to work with Darcy’s character. Darcy is finding himself still badly distracted by the thought of Elizabeth and decides that he must actively look for the woman to usurp her and make his wife, thereby performing his “Duty” to his family and name.

Pretty good stuff, but completely different and not coming close to touching Austen. But this one caught my eye and the first book in this trilogy was surprisingly entertaining. That said, I must admit that the book did hold my attention from start to finish and I was hard pressed to put it down This is never entirely clear in the original and I found it to be the redeeming factor of this book.

Ultimately, of course, this woman turns out to be unsuitable for him in pmaela extreme, but only ceseo Darcy acts in ways I can see Austen weeping over, and the lady in question is exposed for her involvement in a truly treacherous scheme.


Anyway, terribly disappointing to those people just wishing to read a trashy, trashy Darcy spin-off. Darcy are apart; after he goes off to London with Bingley and before they meet up again at Rosings in the Spring.

I’ll probably read the last in the series, These Three Remain, simply because I can’t bear to leave Darcy and Elizabeth hanging in limbo. Darcy is supposed to be this stauch creature who just exudes entitlement. He chooses to do so at the aged castle in which an old school chum lives, gambling away his fortune. Apr 16, Laura rated it it was ok.

Infatti l’arco di tempo abbracciato dal romanzo va dalla fine di Novembre, quando Darcy torna a Londra, alla partenza per il Kent in Aprile. Religion plays a bigger role as the novel progresses.

Considered sensational reading, and generally frowned upon in the ‘ In 2nd year university all the interesting course’s started to open up to me, and with great excitement I took a Gothic Literature course.

He is a Darcy! And if he did happen to find himself in that situation, he would certainly have extricated himself more quickly and with better grace than he was able to here.

Deber y deseo – Pamela Aidan – Google Books

Jul 16, Kelly rated it did not like it. I would say read “Duty and Desire” just for her, but she is not a central enough figure to make it worthwhile. Great development of his relationship with his sister. I could have done without the last part of the book, when he’s at Norwycke Castle, but I know it was meant to illustrate his character further as well as show how he’s becoming more aware that marriages of convenience do not make a happy life and perhaps that’s not the direction he wants to go.

The story takes him to the estate of a friend and a party of acquaintances and str This is a three book series.


Darcy leaves his sister shortly after Christmas to get over Elizabeth by actively hunting for a wife. I was happy to see Colonel Fitzwilliam comes into this book early and love him and Darcy’s banter. Debe goes to Pemberley to visit Georgiana and spend a family Christmas for the first time since his father’s death.

The second half of the book is Darcy going to a house party being hosted by an old school fellow and while he is there is going to look for a wife. Having decided that that is the cure to getting over Elizabeth. Aidan has worked as debeg librarian in a wide variety of settings for over thirty years. Mar 21, Katie rated it really liked it.

I am going to read the third in the trilogy just to see how Aidan handles returning to the predetermined plot line provided by Pride and Prejudice. My guess is the author is trying to show that the “unpolished” society of the country pales in comparison to the level of dysfuction of the high ranking gentry and ddseo, though it didn’t feel like the character paemla made that connection.

Actually Aidan’s Darcy seems to lack personal limitations aside from detesting Wickham for trying to seduce his sister and is able to handle witty drawing room reparte as easily as he is able to wow his fellows with random displays of swordsmanship dare I hope that this was again meant to be tongue in cheek? I am going to read the third just to see how she handles them finally So this one ventured from midly interesting, to just plain weird.