The Cavern of the Fear (Deltora Quest 2, Book 1) [Emily Rodda] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. After driving the Shadow Lord from. A second Deltora quest begins in this fantasy trilogy that’s sure to engage Deltora fans and bring in all new readers! The Shadow Lord’s evil tyranny over Deltora. Emily Rodda is one of Australia’s most successful, popular and versatile writers, who has won the Children’s Book Council of Australia Book of the Year Award.

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He doesn’t make that many appearances in the series, but when he does The Plumes take the companions and Glock’s body back to the Isle of Plume, singing a song of life. Deltorra continuing adventures of Leif, Jasmine, and Barda. She beseeches Jasmine to come rescue her, before she and all the slaves are put to death. I as always love the characters and love Emi Actual Rating 3.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Josef intends to show Lief the Tale of the Pirran Pipehowever before he can tell the king of it, Lief asks him to leave him and Doom alone, taking Ranesh with him, promising to read what Josef had for him in quiet. I heartily dislike how Jasmine acts in this book.

Cavern of the Fear

Worronthe goblin leader, claims to see no magic in the belt. Rodda will continue to be one of my favorite fantasy authors until I am proven otherwise. Another summer, another competition between my son and I begins.

Trivia About The Wuest of the I liked this book because I like the characters and monsters. Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews.

With Fury, who has miraculously survived, the companions set off to find a way out. Once through the tunnel, the companions and the spider find an underground forest. After Lief and Doom has read the tale, Josef returns to the library, as he had forgotten something there, and Lief apologises for ignoring the old librarian when he intended to show them exactly what they were seeking. All the Granous give chase, leaving Lief and Barda alone, still bound and tied.


Return to Del Deltora Quest 8. Barda emerges from a gap in the rock and cacern the white hooked threads from the tentacle that was approaching Lief, sending The Fear into another uproar. I would recommend this to anyone who is a fan of dragons, fantasy, or just old times in general. The light returns as he crawls to a rocky outcrop above the water line and looks for any signs of his companions amid the thrashing tentacles. They will meet new foes and gain new friends.

Jasmine interjects that they do not have time, for the Shadowlands prisoners will be put to death soon. Deeper characters, more complex plot, more demanding writing style. I don’t know if I’m just dumb or Emily is such a great writer that I can never guess where the story is heading, but I always find myself on edge and never know whats going to happen next. Not as good as the Deltora Quest series but still a very enjoyable read. This gives Barda an idea.

When Ranesh mentions that many of Doran the Dragonlover deltofa maps are contained within the AnnalsJasmine purposes to find them and look for the fastest, most secret way to the Shadowlands. Nols gives it to Lief as thanks for freeing them from The Fear.

Lief, Doom, and Marilen arrive in Del very late that night. Recognising the lump of wood, Nols takes it and cleans it, revealing its true nature as the mouthpiece of the Pirran Pipe. There he sees Jasmine, alive, and Kree standing watch over Glock’s injured body. The cavrn, The Girl with the Golden Hairtells of a dragon and a girl ffar golden hair, who fled deep into underground caverns where goblins dwelled. Lief and Barda attempt to fight off the goblins and reach their swords to free Jasmine and Glock.


Jasmine’s voice pulls Lief back to the task at hand. Retrieved from ” https: I as always love the characters and love Emily’s writing style. The purpose of this book was to entertain. Join your favorite heroes Lief, Jasmine, and Barda as they try and rescue the Deltorians that the Shadow Lord has enslaved. Withoutabox Submit to Film Festivals.

Cavern of the Fear – Wikipedia

The Complete Series is a must have for your collection. Lief notes that though the goblins’ intentions are unknown, he and Barda have been disarmed.

Inside the cave is a giant golden dragondeep in an enchanted sleep. His shouts bring Doom efar Jasmine to his door. Glock and Jasmine tell Lief and Barda that they will be sacrificed to The Feara monstrous sea beast that demands a yearly sacrifice from the people. Jul 30, Amelia Hill rated it really liked it. The Isle of Illusion. These series just keep getting better and better. Lief shows the goblins the Belt of Deltora to convince them that they speak the truth. He takes charge and climbs to the top of the cage, calling for them to follow him, and his companions have no choice but to follow his lead.

I can’t ever get enough. Jasmine is very surprised at the excitement caused in the palace by the return of Josef and the Annals.