Buy EF12 vacuum tubes online, in stock and ready to ship! Find reviews, data sheets and specs to upgrade your tube amplifier. The EF12 is a pentode designed for RF or IF amplification at HF or MF. The wide metal tube envelope is 36 mm in diameter, and excluding the footless base . I found one blurry schematic for use with an EF12 tube, of which I have a a cleaner/readable copy of the EF12 schematic, validation that this.

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Started by sismofyt The Lab. Started by chefducuisine The Lab.

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Started by jeremycox The Lab. This is my first post here– sorry to dive right in with questions, but I do promise to stick around. Before my membership was approved, I lurked for a long time and I’ve read many wonderful threads here, using the search function, about DIY Ualike microphones. Great forum you have here. Sredna Member Berlin, Germany Posts: January 05, I’m ec12 member over there as well.

Klaus runs a pretty tight ship, and is pretty passionate about having the discourse be ‘meaningful. I found this thread which has some good info.


Insight into “Uinspired” with EF12 tube?

Ribbon microphone services http: Biasrocks on January 05, You even did the badge?? MagnetoSound on January 05, We should all have our own logos and badges, IMO. Which tube is that again? Did you have a chance to compare it in a ‘shoodoud ziduation’?

Very likely it’s also JAN like in Max’s kit, and the resistor looks like 3. I have a load but have never really tested them properly in a mic. On the ‘to do in ‘ list. This is what I’m working with right now, so far.

EF14 and EF12 tube replacements

It’s the only part I have. I got a pretty good buy on it, NOS, and I’ve been wanting to build a mic anyway. I’ve done a fair amount of reading, and everyone has a passionate opinion about tubes to use in “U47 Inspired” mics.

I use the word “Inspired” because some people get extremely offended at the notion that a microphone without the VF could even be called a “U I don’t have enough personal experience to wf12 a genuine opinion either way. However, the EF12 is or at least was at one time the “2nd place” tube of choice for Wagner and Grosser, according to what I read on the internet.

So I figured I’d go that route, as those two make nice mics. I certainly cannot afford a real VF I’ve built a couple of mics before, but not from scratch. I put together two of the “Royer mod” MXLs and they came ff12 really really nice.


So I’m not a total “rookie” but I do view this project as a “probable learning experience. Thanks again for the links above.

Hi yube, For what i know of the ef12 in a u47, it has a reduced sensitivity and diferent heaters voltage. I preferred the EF12 slightly. It sounded more “hi-fi” – which is a bad way to describe a microphone I think, but it is the world that comes to mind. Voltages are different its true. Yes, the guys at Flea decribed the ef12 as being a litlle less agressive than the ef14 so more hi-fi is probably the best definition. I’m just hoping to end up with a good-sounding microphone.

Sounding ed12 like a ‘real’ U47 is of secondary importance to me; however, I’d like to end up in that “zone. Gus Member NJ Posts: Nice odd looking EF12 tube mic on german ebay.

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