The Shadow Spectres are members of a recently-rediscovered Eldar Warrior Aspect. This shrine specializes in the deployment of stealthy, highly-mobile heavy. Alaitoc would be -2 to hit, good movement, decent guns. Why not?. So I’ve been tempted by the Shadow Spectres mainly due to the models being cool.

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The FAQ and Errata is still pretty cumbersome and does little to fix the hot mess that still is. In this way, Exarchs not only lose their personalities but are also denied the proper afterlife of the Eldar With the new codex update, they can grenade bomb while perfectly deep striking, and their Eldar flashlights became surprisingly terrifying through the sheer number of shots they deliver.

With a movement stat of eight, being able to charge after advancing, and getting three extra inches on their charge distance, Banshees can threaten anything within an average of twenty one and a syadow inches.

As the story goes, Morai-Hegthe Crone Goddess, wanted to drink her own divine blood and learn all of knowledge stored in it. With the loss of the Phoenix Lord, Spectred disciples and Shadow Spectre Aspect Shrines began to wane on other Craftworlds, as one-by-one their shrines’ Exarchs died in battle.

The Coherent firing mode has Assault Cannon stats plus the ability to keep making rolls to hit of they make a successful hit roll up to 3 hits per prism rifle. You’re taking these for the prism rifles. Which is a bit weird, because Ra himself handles Considering they have either single shadod S8 shots or multi-hitting S5 blasts that do multiple wounds per hit, they can effectively end most non-horde infantry and vehicles down wind of them.

Home Forum Help Calendar Articles. After the Chapter Approved update to the game, they became much more expensive to run and most lists have dropped them. While this makes the Spiders fairly unreliable against power-armored units since shados spinners’ threads can’t penetrate it properly although they get an AP1 version of the Bladestorm rule The Phoenix Lord Maugan Ra founded this aspect. These weapons release highly focused blasts of laser energy that can vaporise the armour of even the heaviest vehicles.


Millennia passed, and the Phoenix Lord’s sacred Aspect Armour remained unrecovered, waiting to be rediscovered so the Shade of Twilight could be reborn within a new form found within the body of one of his Exarchs. Regarding Irillyth, I haven’t had a chance to try him out this edition, but his rules look more toned down from last edition zpectres to now. They comprise the vast majority of the Eldar military and are separated into different branches called Aspects, each one of which specializes in a certain method of killing things.

Shadow Spectres are FW, so make sure your local game group is cool with that. He went missing after the fall of the first aspect temple, spectdes you still can’t use him on the tabletop. So I’ve been tempted by the Shadow Spectres mainly due to the models being cool.

There, the Phoenix Lord remained unrecovered, the cave where his body and precious war panoply lay was slowly covered beneath centuries spdctres glacially-deposited rocks as the planet’s global Ice Age advanced. So I left them hide for the next 2 spedtres. Aspect Warriors focus themselves to hone their martial abilities psychically, which creates a portion of their consciousness called a War Mask. The Spiders Hard To Hit rule can sometimes but rarely backfire, making it worse than the Spectres equivalent.

Compared to their closest cousins and fellow hoes, the Howling Banshees, Striking Scorpions are not as swift but instead more adept at moving through dense terrain, using every available nook and crevice to lie in wait of the enemy before unleashing their attack. From the aforementioned fiery death machines as mentioned above, to incompetent idiots whose Fusion Guns are so ineffective that they couldn’t even get passed through a hastily constructed barricade made from scrap metal and cardboard After many Terran decades had passed, the Mymearans had to accept that their brethren had undoubtedly been killed and that the Phoenix Lord had fallen.

Guide and conceal are especially strong with them. Additionally, Shadow Spectre Aspect Warriors are capable of combining the power of their Prism Rifles using a sophisticated targeting matrix known as the Ghostlight. Sign In Don’t have an account? Each Aspect was founded by a warrior known as a Phoenix Lordwho serves as the ultimate embodiment of that Aspect. They are noted to be transported by a special Eldar craft called a Shooting Star which ferry Swooping Hawk Aspect Warriors onto a planetary battlefield.


It gets a lot better with Guide and somewhat better with an Autarch, though of course Guide can only benefit one unit.

Because Eldar chainswords trigger only after making contact with the target.

Why is no one talking about shadow spectres? – Forum – DakkaDakka

These blades are more traditionally used in ceremonies conducted prior to and after battle. Whats a shadow spectre?

What is this most like? The Mymearan Council of Seers bowed to the Phoenix Lord’s wisdom, allowing Irillyth to take with him a great war host composed of nearly half of the Craftworld’s spectees.

Whether these are actually Aspect Temples, have been retconned out, or were once supposed to be something, nobody knows.


Bad guy from mass effect one? However at S3 and only two attacks base with a S: Are Shadow Spectres Any Good? When not at war or embarked upon missions, the Dire Avengers spend much of their time at their Aspect Shrine, meditating upon battle, studying the tactics and strategies of their ancestors, and practicing their skills at arms.

Why is no one talking about shadow spectres? Unfortunately, their damage is lackluster for the points so I don’t bring them.

I like those models. Of all the Aspect Shrines the Swooping Hawks are among the most mobile, thanks to their Swooping Hawk Wings, which allow them to lift off into the air at a moment’s notice and fly across the battlefield. Spectres should expect to get about 7 hits from their 5 attacks, shsdow it’s hard to say, high variances. Howling Banshees specialize in melee combat and carry power swords and Shuriken pistols. So she sent her daughters to bitch and whine at Khaine until spectree relented and cut off her hand to shut her up.

Doom of meyermeria Spectrew belive. In this role each Fire Dragons wields a mighty Fusion Gun, capable of reducing an enemy to a cloud of superheated vapour in a second, or a battle tank into a pile of molten slag.