Electrolux | EWH-SL/SLN | User’s Manual | Electrolux EWH-SL/SLN User’s Manual WALL MOUNTING PROCEDURE Hot water 6 Safety valve 1 50 cm Use 4. accumulator water heater, electric, kW nominal power, volume 50 l, heating water to +70° c dimensions Wxhxd: xx mm, weight 25 kg. Manufacturer: Electrolux, Model: EWH-SL/SLN, Type of document: User manual, Category: Water Heater, Number of pages: 4.

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Installation and first electroluc of the storage heater and the fittings have to be done by an expert which can take the responsibility for properly done work and explains the handling procedures.

It would be a good idea to place the unit as close as possible to the outlet – short piping means little loss of temperature.

Hot water As shown in the drawing the input and output pipes must be on the left side when the heater is installed horizontally.

Electric accumulative water heater of Elektrolux EWH 50 SL Evolution (art) buy in Kiev

Do not install the heater with its wall mounts against the floor nor on a horizontal plane. Water expands when heated. The units of the series R, eco R and SL are supplied with a safety valve that lets the expanding water flow back into the cold-water feed. Here a suitable siphon for the absorption of the expanding water is to install. The drain of the safety valve must not be blocked. To open the safety valve not safety valve eco to let the water flow from the heater – via the outlet – turn the knob clockwise or counterclockwise as you please.


The proper operating of the safety valve should be tested periodically that way: Turning knob for cleaning and draining 3. Draining pipe for the safety valve 4.

Before connecting make sure that the mains supply and unit electroluux features coincide. The heaters installation procedure is totally straightforward and only requires that Low Voltage Electronic Regulations are met.

Although well known by the installers we would like to point out some of the basics: Power must be supplied via a multi-polar switch, circuit breaker or contactor. Adequate power rating fuses shall be made available for unit protection purposes.

All electrical installations shall incorporate an earthing connection. The plug used by the heater already has this connection and only has to be inserted in a mains socket of the same features.

Make sure the household or place of installation does have an earth line. If not available, a differential switch is recommendable.

Electrolux EWH-50 SL manuals

The deluxe and super deluxe models incorporate double power rating features and a switch for power setting changes: Minimum power It is advisable to have the heater plugged into the mains permanently as the thermostat will only activate the unit when it becomes necessary to maintain the selected temperature settings. How to empty the unit. The heater should be fully drained if left unused for extended periods of time or if subject to freezing hazards where installed.


This can be done by means of the safety valve not safety valve eco. Open the shutoff cock as soon as the heater has been installed. Open the hot water taps. Water appears as soon as the unit fills up completely. Close the laps and check the system for leaks. Do not connect the heater to the power mains if uncertain as to whether it is foll or not. Plug into the mains and press the main power input switch.

A light flashes when the heating element is activated on some models. The thermostat re-connects the heating element after a certain amount of water has been used. Energy saving the water reaches a temperature of approx.

Eletrolux losses are minimal and calcareous deposits are practically fully eliminated. Clean by wiping with a soft cloth or damp sponge. Never use abrasives nor detergents. Moreover, indefinite heater duration can be guaranteed.

Any overheating caused by thermostat failures is offset by the safety limiting device cutting both stages off and leaving the heater without power input.

If this happens, contact our After Sales Service.

Two heating elements Three heating elements Thermostat Therm. It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything.