Procedurally generated landscape flyby demo with impressive graphics and audio, and oh yeah — a total size of four kilobytes! Absolutely. Nice 4k intro on the video but I didn’t manage to run it. I put the d3d9_dll in the intro’s dir but nothing to do. Maybe an issue with the latest. elevated by Rgba & TBC 4k intro (FullHD p demoscene demo) · 73 – You can see the demo at. (1) Fairlight & Prosonix & Offence – We Are.

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My favorite 4k of all time, weird I never left a comment before. What’s the big deal? One 4k to rule them all We don’t need no operating system.

Once a wise panda said: If there is no code in your link, it probably doesn’t belong here. This made me to change my mind once and for all.

This struck me like a lighting back then. So, Windows is providing the drivers.

Elevated by Rgba and TBC

How this could be squeezed in 4K?? So whas this your goodbye? I get the colors a bit blurry like if rggba and red channels were offset of 1 pixel We should cooperate again, Vienna style Forgotten to thumb this one up.


Doesn’t work for me. One of the all-time greats. This entire application is 4 kilobytes in size. Perhaps so high that it’s going to take a long while until anyone can even equal, or not to mention surpass Elevated.

I was curious how this sort of thing works so I looked under the hood and poked around a little.

elevated by Rgba & TBC ::

I should really have known better over all those scene-years I lived until today This program is only bytes. It’s a bit different than the mid to late 90’s where everything had to be written from scratch without the aid of 3rd party libraries. This is the website of one of the guys who worked on it.

Got this working myself using the Crinkler method above; Works a treat, even with Aero on. Nice visuals, Design, Direction and Soundtrack. I was more hoping you could explain how that is possible. The Terrain is generated with noise.


People are still pushing the limits ryba the C64 because it’s still a great piece of hardware and they can really show off some programming skills with it. Nearly perfect, wanted and now found. For me this is truly one of elevatef best releases in the scene in years.

elevated by Rgba & TBC | 4k intro (FullHD 1080p demoscene demo)

This is boring crap and you could do it with the cheapest hardware imaginable. The scenery and lighting stands up as high quality even if you don’t count the fact that it was made in 4k. A lot of demos will throw false positives. Wow, that was fast At first I thought 4k referred to the resolution because of televisions and not recency bias but something similar.

Couldn’t stop talking about this at a family easter lunch.