of rules and army lists, for the Epic Armageddon miniature ranges currently available from Specialist Games ELDAR – SWORDWIND. The Epic: Armageddon rulebook contains the core rules for the games, and army lists for Epic: Swordwind contains army lists for the Biel-Tan Eldar, the Baran. swordwind suppliment for epic 40k . The Swordwind relies on a single attack which uses surprise and the immense fighting skills and firepower of its Aspect.

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The biggest supplement for the game was called Codex Titanicuswhich provided a medium for linking the Titan-based giant robot combat of Adeptus Titanicus with the conventional units vehicles and infantry of Space Marine 1st Edition.

Here’s a breakdown on what each PDF contains: In addition to changes to the above GW lists these armies have currently been “Approved” for play by the Net EA Rules Committee; a stamp of approval and balance:. A series of sculpts of Eldar Exodites, a Space Marine drop ship and other designs were made armageddom the time of the Titan Legions debut, but were never officially released. The corners are fairly worn see Photo 3 for example and the back cover has a large crease as shown see Photo 4.

Archived from the original Swofdwind on This softcover book is in very good overall condition. Epic Armageddon Refine Results. Please ask questions before y These ‘Mega’ class vehicles could only be used in large games and none of the other races had such an equivalent.

In addition to the products supplied by Games WorkshopForgeworld also supply additional models for Epic Armageddonincluding Tau and Imperial Navy forces.

Warhammer EPIC Armageddon SWORDWIND supplement rule book

Apocalypse in the sense that they both centre around larger battlefields with a larger number of troops and vehicles in command, but the monetary investment is much smaller with Epic.

Imperial guard, Orks, Eldar, Squats, Chaos and Tyranid sprues of 6mm figures, artillery and support weapons were released while vehicles came in white metal and swordwibd sold in blisters containing most often two apiece single units appearing only in the case of larger models such as Shadowsword or Baneblade tanks.


Epic-scale aircraft are also used in the game Aeronautica Imperialis. Free Shipping Your item ships absolutely free! Whereas Warhammer 40, involves small battles between forces of a few squads of troops and two or three vehicles, Epic features battles between armies consisting of dozens of dwordwind and hundreds of soldiers.

The Imperator and Mega-Gargant are considered collectors’ items today the only other time that Games Workshop released them was as a “reward” in return for getting a yearly subscription to White Dwarf in the November issue. The comparatively smaller size of the miniatures also allows players to use many of the larger vehicles and creatures of the Warhammer 40, universe, such as Titans and super-heavy tanks, even in small games.

NetEpic is an unofficial but popular fan version of the game derived from the 2nd Edition rules, started originally because amageddon players did not like the changes made for the third edition. It includes a broad range of armies based on models from all the other editions, as well as some created especially for NetEpic itself.

Contents [ show ]. A series of sculpts of Eldar Exodites, a Space Marine drop ship and other designs were made around the time of the Titan Legions debut, but were never officially released.

In addition to the original printed forms of the rulebook and Swordwind supplement, Epic’s official rules were made available for free by Games Workshop and occasionally updated with errata the printed books were never updated. Unlike other Games Workshop games that use a generic army list for all deployments involving that army, Epic uses specific army lists that represent how an army was fielded in a specific military campaign.

Please pay within 3 days of winning an auction. We will package it carefully in swordwin sturdy cardboard mailing box. Community Forum Discord Server. This softcover book is in very good overall condition.


Epic Armageddon | Warhammer 40k | FANDOM powered by Wikia

This lot is for 2 Epic 40k 6mm Forgeworld Super Heavy tanks, not sure if they are original or recasts. Unlike previous editions of the game and armagecdon games produced by Games Workshop, the development of the game was conducted in an open way with ‘trial’ rules published on the Epic ‘Playtest Vault’ and feedback solicited from gamers via the associated playtesters forum.

We do our best to provide all our customers with excellent service and a pleasant eBay experience. Slitherine released a full Armageddon version of the game in called Warhammer 40, Miniatures may have sharp swordaind or edges, and some may contain lead and must not be placed in the mouth or swallowed.

The 4th edition also includes rules and charts for the classic line of Titan, including the ork Mega-Gargant and the Imperator Titan. Legal Disclaimer and Trademark List. This collaboration with the community has continued with the development of eplc army lists. Sorry, but it’s the best we can do. The game is sold in the form of a page rulebook and contains rules for massed infantry formations, immense war-machines and Titans from various factions.

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This was achieved by streamlining the game mechanics and abstracting many of the areas which the previous editions had dealt with in specific detail. If this item contains incorrect or inappropriate information please contact us here to flag it for review.

Additionally Troublemaker Games successfully crowdfunded a whole new line of miniatures [7] in late that make suitable proxies for many epic forces including some of the first plastic 6mm sci-fi miniatures produced since Games Workshops last offerings.

Rules for infantry and vehicles the troops and vehicles of the Heresy era Space Marines followed in White Dwarf