Start planning your Eurail adventure here. You can see the average train travel times between all the big European cities on the train map below. Wherever you . Look up train times and useful information any time, any place with the best Rail Planner App in the market. It even works offline. Look up European trains and their departure times in our timetable and check out our railway map with approximate travel times. You can also download our.

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Consider buying a Swiss Pass rather than a Eurail pass if you are primarily visiting Switzerland, it can be better value. Where can I go?

Trains in Europe | Train Services in Europe |

Just remember that you’ll always have to travel together. The supplements below are per person per journey, with any type of Eurail or InterRail pass. The first class fee is usually the same as the timetablr class one, but is sometimes higher. If you want someone to put an itinerary together for you and check whether you should use a pass or regular tickets, Andy at DiscoverByRail.

InterRail passes are not valid on privately-run Flixtrainor on the Kulturzug regional train Berlin-Wroclaw. You can’t make seat reservations tiimetable these at bahn. Eurail train timetable Find your train times timmetable connections. Alternatively, the Europe by Rail guide combines basic train info eyrail country information. Minimum amount of youth is selected. Email the Man in Seat Sixty-One! Special passholder fares apply for the Lusitania’ trainhotel Lisbon-Madrid: You have been successfully subscribed.

Click In English at the bottom of the page, then scroll back up and click Train ticket to Europe. Or you can make them with no fee at www.


Log in Hi user. For comparison, you can check Spanish point-to-point fares at www. If you live in Asia, Africa, S America.

Train Times In Europe| Trains Timetable and Travel Times

Keep in mind that there are some exceptions to the rule above. The Eurail pass range explained – which pass to buy?

High-speed trains are the fastest way to get around Europe. The adventure begins with the train journey itself, which is why so many people choose to explore Europe by rail.

The only proviso is that you cannot change trains after midnight, and that both the departure day and arrival day must fall within the overall validity period of the pass.

Route of the Flying Scotsman Britain’s most scenic route: So even a single-country France or Benelux pass allows to to book a cheap Eurostar trip to London. You don’t need to specify exactly what date you want your Eurail pass to start when you buy it. There’s no supplement to pay on any other domestic train. Passes are not valid on competing open-access operators Leo Express or Arriva.

It doesn’t hold ehrail for Italo, FEVE, Euskotren, Regiojet, Leo Express or the Circumvesuviana and so on, only for the main national operators, so as a general rule, any train shown in its database can be used with a Eurail pass, although supplements or special fares must be paid on some trains. Trenord provides info on timetables and delays on all trains in Lombardy.

If you have a pre-planned fixed itinerary, these cheap advance-purchase train fares can blow a railpass out of the water price-wise. It’s a good idea to tometable the maths! European Railway Map Your Eurail travel map. For a long trip, say as a month exploring every major city in Europe, or a very long journey such as London to Istanbul, I’d suggest paying more for railpass even if advance-purchase fares are cheaper overall.


Passes now accepted on most Regiojet trains for small reservation fee, see www. But if you want to stay flexible and are under 28 years olda pass can save money over full-flex on-the-day prices. If you’re looking for the station nearest to your hotel, you can use Google Maps to find it.

We can deliver to a home or work address. There are some trains that don’t appear in the Eurail timetable. Eurail passes will no longer be valid on the line to Cesky Krumlov, except on the once-daily Prague-Cesky Krumlov direct train run by CD.

Find train times on the departure boards. When you need reservations. Supplement for cabin berths: You will always have the option of staying an ttrain night in a place you love.

The maximum length of a Eurail trip is 12 weeks. Sometimes it’s shown as ‘family’.

Mobile phone tickets, real-time information and coach sequence. A Flexi pass day normally runs from midnight to midnight.

Eurail Rail Planner App

Trains cannot ‘sell out’. Find out all about making reservations and watch our handy videos.

Select ‘Show all stops ‘ to see where the train stops and where it crosses a border. Consider buying a normal advance-purchase ticket instead. Follow one or more of our itineraries or use parts of them to create your own.