Conformal and Formality are both formal equivalence tools – they check that two circuit descriptions are functionally the same. They both have. 2, Synopsys Inc. introduced Formality, the industry’s first formal verification tool for equivalency checking of million-gate, system-on-a-chip (SOC) designs. This document contains a brief introduction to Synopsys Design Analyzer, Sysnopsys Formality, and. Cadence Conformal tools. You would.

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What can be possible reasons for that? Also, in real life, it is common for designers to make manual changes to a netlist, commonly known as Engineering Change Ordersor ECOs, thereby introducing a major additional error factor.

Synopsys formality –

Hi all, i’m currently working on synopsys formality. This page was last edited on 4 Septemberat How can I formality check what inserted scan and clock gating?

The initial netlist will usually undergo a number of transformations such as optimization, addition of Design For Test DFT structures, etc. The post-layout netlist adds buffer for timing consideration in the path which may be output high impedance. Historically, one way to check the equivalence was to re-simulate, using the final netlist, the test cases that were developed for verifying the correctness of the RTL.

Netlist against RTL, based on formal methods, no assertion here. DC output file usage and the full name of these file. My question is that if I were provided with two designs. The previous design takes 15hours, this design is going past 20 hours.


Help needed in Primt time!!! Retrieved from ” https: I want to inquire the following software pricing for group license.

Formal equivalence checking – Wikipedia

The netlist haven’t been modified. The other think is called Static or Dynamic Formal Verification, and here you need to define assertions based on properties that these tools try to fodmality proove for the RTL design.

Which tool can verify functional equivalence if given two different netlist files? Create an enable signal.

But in hierarchical mode there are many failing modules. The main question in my mind is, why I need to verify the netlist. Typically, a formal equivalence checking tool will also indicate with great synopsjs at which point there exists a difference between two representations. The relation between assertions and Formal Verification.

From the log-file entries below it has a lot more to go.

Synopsys Formality

Tools are Magellan synopsys or 0-in me. Has anyone have any experience with this? Help about Formality Tutorial. I deeply appreciate it. All written in VerilogHDL Is there any tool supported by Synopsys or Cadence that can help me to verify the equivalence of these two desig.

For synopsys formalityyou can use side-file Reading in an existing match-point file. Previous 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Next. This description is the golden reference model that describes synopsts detail which operations will be executed during formqlity clock cycle and by which pieces of hardware.


Previous 1 2 Next. An alternative way to solve this is to formally prove that the RTL code and the netlist synthesized from it have exactly the same behavior formlaity all relevant cases. What are the following software prices for group license? When the final tape-out is made of a digital chip, many different EDA programs and possibly some manual edits will have altered the netlist.

For the situation mentioned in your previous post, it will still be treated as a DRC violation. All the programs later in the process that make changes to the netlist also, in theory, ensure that these changes are logically equivalent to a previous version.

However, syno;sys always fails even though I’ve checked the functional equivalence by RTL simulation. Equivalence is not to be confused with functional correctness, which must be determined by functional verification.

But when I insterted scan and clock gating, then they are not equality. This process is called gate level logic simulation.