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It is highly likely to happen. Do you remember the supposed alien autopsy film?

Book Review — The Infinity Puzzle. Watching someone talk to themselves has never been so interesting. The odds against unlikely events and coincidences always seem to me to be misquoted.

recember Mina The Horse with delusions of unicorn-ness. I saw Ivan Brackenbury — Tom Binns — do everything himself and I think it was seeing that which inspired me to do it myself.

Last night, there was a very good line-up in the New Variety Lives! I think I need to lie down.

Filed under CoincidenceComedy. Letter about redundant columns in architecture. Close Are you sure?

Fortean Times Gallery – FT Covers

So I decided I would take at least a year out just doing videos on YouTube. She was off getting drinks that is what producers do when I was accosted by two people — a man and woman. Book review — In the Shadow of the Moon: Buying format see all. Book review — The Ascent of Gravity: Good scan of front to give you a good idea of the condition of these mags.


In a film, you only see the externals of a person and you can only get some semblance of psychological depth and what someone thinks if they actually spell it out in words. Thursday, 1 November Mermaids: The result is an absolutely amazingly insightful, highly intelligent and surprisingly emotional look at ventriloquists and at Nina herself. Shit happens all the time to everyone. The first rule of Fight Club is you do not talk about Fight Club. And then there are the miracles in the Bible. Posted on March 22, by Dr David Clarke.

Tuesday 19 March 8pm doors 7. Should we disbelieve or believe unprovens? Pre-owned and used copy but in great condition; good as new.


He was an amiable, totally sane and clear-eyed middle-aged man with no particular financial axe to grind. The result was that he decided he wanted to become an actor.

Benjamin has occasionally given other dates for what I like to think of as the Second Coming of Christ.


They announced that Jesus Christ — or, more correctly, the Maitreya — was already walking the Earth and would telepathically reveal himself to the people of the world via television on 21st June Holborn Directions Facebook event page. Book Review — Introducing Particle Physics: A Cabinet of Canine Curiosities and, if his book is anything like his one-hour lecture, timew must be a cracker.

All Auction Buy it now.

Fortean Times

The newspapers had been talking to doctors for months to prove it was a fake. If in doubt, wobble about. At my school, I never got taught any of this in history lessons. Create a website or blog at WordPress. Book review 20012 Black Holes: Book review — Swarm Troopers: Pages London Fortean Society.

Book review — Greenglow and the Search for Gravity Control cf.