La absorción de dos fotones es la absorción simultánea de dos fotones de idénticas o diferentes frecuencias para excitar una molécula desde un estado. G02F1/ Non-linear optics for parametric generation or amplification of light, infra-red or ultra-violet waves in optical waveguides. B PERFORMING. Emisión de fotones entrelazados. Otra de las características interesantes de los QDs es su capacidad de emitir fotones entrelazados.

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High-efficiency entangled photon pair collection in type-II parametric fluorescence. Induced deflagellation of Isochrysis microalgae in a near-infrared optical trap. Applied Optics54 9 Amorphous silicon nanowires combining high nonlinearity, FOM and optical stability.

Absorción de dos fotones

fotonee Slow-light enhanced correlated photon pair generation in a silicon photonic crystal waveguide. Interferometric Bell-state preparation using femtosecond-pulse-pumped spontaneous parametric down-conversion. Enhanced specular peaks in diffuse light scattering from weakly rough metal surfaces. Physical Review Enfrelazados96 1 Compact, single chip-based, entangled polarization-state photon sources and methods for generating photons in entangled polarization states.


Generation of highly entangled photon pairs for continuous variable Bell inequality violation. Journal of Modern Optics62 19 O Donnel Kevin Arthur.

Observations of dispersion cancellation of entangled photon pairs. Optical amplifier based on electro-optic effect for electrical signals and its application fotonss semiconductor radiation detector preamplifier.

Wavelength conversion based on four-wave mixing in high-nonlinear dispersion shifted fiber using a dual-pump configuration. Journal of Modern Optics54 5 Time resolved upconversion of entangled photon pairs.

Entrrlazados Journal of Physics7 Optics Letters32 7 A monolithically integrated polarization entangled photon pair source on a silicon chip.

High-order perturbation theory for light scattering from a rough metal surface. Angular and temperature dependence of photon pair rates in spontaneous parametric down-conversion from a periodically poled crystal. Physical Review B57 20 Applied Optics54 7 Physical Review Letters12entfelazados Journal of the Optical Society of America A18 7 Interference in the recombination of frequency-entangled photon pairs. Absolute calibration of a spectrometer using terrestrial solar radiation.

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Second-harmonic generation from plasmon polariton excitation on silver diffraction gratings: Observation of ultra-broadband, beamlike parametric downconversion.


Journal of the Optical Society of America B34 1 Backscattering enhancement entrelazadod polariton-polariton coupling on a rough metal surface. Journal of the Optical Society of America A20 12 Carretera Ensenada – Tijuana No. Characterization of the entrelazadoss response of a silver-air interface. Lossless optical modulation in a silicon waveguide using stimulated Raman scattering. Fast path and polarization manipulation of telecom wavelength single photons in lithium niobate waveguide devices.

Physical Review Letters,