Search in Giacomini catalogs and technical brochures on DirectIndustry and find the information you need in 1 click. Headquarter Organization page 4. Certifications page 3. Giacomini Academy page 3. Index page page 37 page 67 page Catalogue international . Giacomini ball valves were designed for high mechanical resistance, minimising Below the table shows the symbols used in this catalogue.

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Metal radiant ceilings | Giacomini S.p.A. | 嘉科米尼

View our on-line Fire Protection catalogue Or, see details of all our Products View our on-line Radiator Valve catalogue Or, see all our Products Our metal ceilings, offered in various and customisable aesthetic types, make it possible to create comfortable and extremely efficient air conditioning systems, thanks to their high yield and low thermal inertia. Small devices can be integrated into the load-bearing elements.

Maximum design and architectural freedom High performing systems high yield and low thermal inertiasilent and with financial convenience over the span of the entire useful life Compliance with the most recent laws which require the realization of energy efficient buildings, in which the building shell and systems are designed one as a function of the other Large catalogue with standardised solutions Possibility of personalising on special orders Easy integration of room terminals of other engineering Ideal in combination with high efficiency generators, such as condensing boilers and heat pumps Possibility of effective use of renewable sources, such as geothermal and solar thermal Technical consulting at the company to support the professional in the giacominni Supporting calculation programs Specific training at the company.


And if these products haven’t whetted your appetite for Giacomini products then have a look at our Hydrogen Boilers caatalogue Heat Interface Units combi boilers without the combustion.

Series GK metal radiant ceiling System made in steel plate composed of active and inactive panels, supported by characteristic visible parallel or crossed load-bearing structures. Inactive panels are available equipped with specific pre-punching to avoid holes or breaks at the worksite. PB pipes with anti-oxygen barrier, distribution manifolds, adaptors, connection kits formed of butyl flexible pipes with stainless steel braid covering and removable push-fitting connections, rigid spacing suspension structures, thermo-acoustic insulation panels in polyester fibre with combined TNT membrane.

For our online Underfloor Heating brochures For orders of a certain importance, the ceiling can be personalised in terms of modularitycolour RAL rangeopening method giwcomini type of material.

K6A EN – Datasheet. Complete catalogue for every installation need Continuous updating of the range Single contact person for the entire system, to guarantee cost savings and efficient service.

Series GK PSV metal radiant ceiling System made of steel plate composed of panels, active and inactive, supported by classic T base 24 mm load-bearing structure.

Take some time to have a look around.

Metal radiant ceilings

Connection components and other elements The following complete our offer for the realization of the radiant system: Professionals For designers For retailers For installers.

Possibility of creating ceilings with two caatlogue modularities: System made in steel plate composed of active and inactive panels, supported by characteristic visible parallel or crossed load-bearing structures. For Brochure and Case Study In the buildings of the tertiary sector offices, hospitals, airports, commercial environments, school buildings a ceiling giacimini often planned, above which systems and service networks canbe installed.


G5 Available Ex-Stock Bristol. Giacomini has embarked on its largest UFH contract at a development in Sunderland. For more information on our G5 Heat Interface Units click here. K60A EN – Datasheet. A warm welcome to Giacomini UK We are proud manufacturers of high quality brass valves and giacomiin – from air eliminators and radiator valves through to ball valves and Fire Protection equipment. Global items Search Login area riservata professionisti.


Ball and Gate Valves K60C EN – Datasheet. All our products are manufactured in Italy to the highest product and production specifications.

KA EN – Datasheet. The panels taken be placed in vertical position also with system in operation; depending on the version, they can rotate around the load-bearing structure to which they are hooked or remain suspended from the structure with special metal cables, after having being removed from their slot.

Giacomini Bathroom Fitting & Fixtures Catalogues – Wizbox

K12C EN – Datasheet. Core ProductsAll Brochures. Making this ceiling the principal element of the air conditioning system makes it possible to optimize its cost and, especially, to benefit from all the advantages offered by radiant technology: