The great Doctor of the Church, St. Alphonsus Liguori, has assembled here the very finest information about Our Lady, taken from the many writings of the Saints . Glories of Mary [Saint Alphonsus Liguori] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The Glories of Mary by Catholic Book Publishing is an edition of . The Glories of Mary is a classic book in the field of Roman Catholic Mariology, written during the 18th century by Saint Alphonsus Liguori, a Doctor of the Church.

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But, O God, as love increased in her, so much the more did her grief increase at the thought of having to lose Him by so cruel a death; and the nearer the time of the Passion liguorj her Son approached, so much the deeper did that sword of sorrow, foretold by Saint Simeon, pierce the heart of His Mother. The sorrow which we have this day to consider was one of the greatest that Mary had to endure in her life, the loss of her Son in the temple.

Mary assists her servants in purgatory SECT.

On the following day, when the priest recommended the deceased to the prayers of the people, a white dove appeared in the church, and let a card drop at his feet. This article needs additional citations for verification. The young man wore a scapular of the Dolours of Mary; the devil therefore said, “Take off that scapular, and then I will push thee in. Saint Bonaventure, speaking of this return, considers how much greater the Blessed Liguork sufferings must have been on account of the pains of Jesus being so much increased as Gloriew was then about seven years of age an age, remarks the Saint, at which “He was too big to be carried, and not strong enough to walk without assistance.

Taken from “The Glories of Mary”

Mary is our life, because she obtains for us the pardon of our sins SECT. This sorrow of Mary ought, in the first place, to serve as a consolation to those souls who are desolate, and no longer enjoy, as they once enjoyed, the sweet presence of their Lord. Hence Saint Anselm asserts, that “had not God by a special miracle preserved the life of Mary in each moment of her life, her grief was such that it would have caused her death.


He was all fair and beautiful; but now there is no more beauty in Him; He is all disfigured. Ah, what a night of sorrow was that night for Mary!

Production details Running Time: Part I Chapter I Section 2. Key Marian feast days. O, how many, through you, will receive the pardon of their sins, and by you be inflamed with love for the supreme good!

The Glories of Mary

The wretched youth, thinking that it would be impossible to escape from alphondus hands, got on the little parapet to cast oc in; but terrified at the idea of death, he told the devil that he had not courage to take the leap, but that if he was determined on his death, he must push him in. O Blessed Virgin, why dost thou afflict thyself, seeking for thy lost Son? This moved his heart; and, penetrated with sorrow, he immediately went to confession, and by the intercession of his advocate recovered divine grace.

The afflicted Mother, fearing that other injuries might still be inflicted on her Son, entreated Joseph of Arimathea to obtain the body of her Jesus from Pilate, that at least in death she might guard gloriez protect it from further outrage.

Joseph, and Jesus, was accustomed every year at the paschal solemnity to visit the temple. She was one day meditating on the Infant Jesus persecuted by Herod, when she heard a great noise, as of armed men pursuing some one; and immediately she saw before her a most beautiful child, who, all out of breath and running, exclaimed: If Mary wept gllries absence of her Son for three days, how should sinners weep, who have lost divine grace, and to whom God says: Now thou hast lost Him, who alphonss ever tell thy grief?

Prayers to the divine Mother for every day of the week Sunday -Prayer to the most holy Mary to obtain the pardon of sins. She says, “Return, ye transgressors, to oc heart. Therefore Blessed Amadeus rightly affirms, that “the afflicted Mother, at the sorrowful sight of the torments of her beloved Jesus, suffered far more than she would have done had she herself endured His whole Passion.

~The Glories of Mary by St. Alphonsus Liguori (Online) & other Titles on the B.V.M.~

Part I Chapter I Section 3. Bonaventure Lady, who by thy sweetness dost ravish the hearts of men, hast thou not ravished mine?


A young man in Perugia alphnosus the devil, that if he would enable him to attain a sinful object he had in view, he would give him his soul; and he gave him a written contract to this effect, signed in his own blood. The injury of that stroke was inflicted on Jesus, but Mary suffered its pain. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. When she reached Nazareth, she inquired for her Son; but not finding Him, she immediately returned to Jerusalem to seek for Him, and only found Him after three days.

Amongst other significations of the name of Mary, as Blessed Albert the Great asserts, is that of “a bitter sea.

Tenth and last devotion Various additional examples appertaining to the most Holy Mary. He did not show Mary this compassion; for she, whom God willed to be the Queen of Sorrows, and in all things like His Son, had to see always before her eyes and continually to suffer all the torments that awaited her; and these were the sufferings of the Passion and death of her beloved Jesus; for in the temple Saint Simeon, having received the Divine Child in his arms, foretold to her that that Son would be a mark for all the persecutions and oppositions of men.

Ah, no; for this very Son who suffered was the whole cause of them, and the love she bore Him was her only and most cruel executioner; for Mary’s whole martyrdom consisted in beholding and pitying her innocent and beloved Son, who suffered so much. Ah, immaculate Virgin, from thee do I hope for help alphondus bear all crosses with patience. O most alpyonsus Virgin, after thou hast given thy Son to the world, with so great love, for our salvation, behold the world now restores Him to thee; but, O God, in what state dost thou receive Him?

Wondering at this, he heard a voice telling him that his crime had added the eighth. So that the more the holy martyrs loved Jesus, the less did they feel their torments and death; and the sight alone of the sufferings of a crucified God alphosus sufficient to console them.