HDMI Compliance Test Specification. Version a. HDMI Licensing, LLC. Confidential. Page iv. Addition of test for Active cable and Converter. 3 HDMI Compliance Tests for Sink and Source. The HDMI specification distinguishes between primary formats and secondary formats. Primary formats. Workflow for running the HDMI EDID Compliance Tests. .. sections in the HDMI a Compliance Test specification: ▫ Source.

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There are five HDMI connector types. But they cannot possibly have certified compliant products until the HDMI 2.

Retrieved May 9, This also prevents closed captions when transmission over HDMI is required for upconversion. High-definition television High-definition video Ultra-high-definition television. Retrieved August 29, CEC also allows for individual CEC-enabled devices to command and control each other without user intervention.

Retrieved June 24, Any product claiming to be “HDMI 2.


Apple Store — United States. Retrieved from ” https: Japan Aviation Electronics Industry, Ltd.

Retrieved July 1, Retrieved 7 February Production of consumer HDMI products started in late Samsung has a similar proprietary thirty-pin port for their Galaxy Tab Other features such as audio, 3D, chroma subsampling, or variable refresh rate depend only zpecification the versions of the ports, and are not affected by what type of HDMI cable is used. Retrieved November 28, I had a discussion a few months ago in this post about how these modern monitors must be bottle-necked by bandwidth, hinting that HDMI 2.


Retrieved January 11, What they aren’t telling you is that the HDMI 2. During the Video Data Period, the pixels of an active video line are transmitted. Pioneer Corporation Qualcomm, Inc.

HEAC utilizes two lines from the connector: Views Read Edit View history. Same 19 Pins in Half the Size”. Retrieved May 31, Retrieved April 1, — via Microprocessor.

HDMI :: Manufacturer :: Specification

When will the HDMI 2. Personally, I expect that it will still be another year or so before products which implement meaningful 2.

No signal conversion is required when an adapter or asymmetric cable is used, so there is no loss of video quality. Copy Protection Technical Working Group. Retrieved April 28, This page was last edited on 31 Decemberat Retrieved July 29, Pixels per frame includes blanking intervals as defined by CVT-R2.

Tony Northrup’s Photography Buying Guide: Korea Electric Terminal Co. Retrieved September 14, To achieve even higher formats, HDMI 2. Other than improved audio and video capacity, performance, resolution and color spaces, newer versions have optional advanced features such as 3DEthernet data connection, and CEC Consumer Electronics Control extensions. Retrieved January 10, Maximum Data Rate ckmpliance. Retrieved April 24, Retrieved August 15, The upshot is that it’s fairly likely that you won’t see products untilso don’t fret sprcification not having 2.


Teledyne LeCroy

Retrieved March 7, — via Microprocessor. Adapters are generally bi-directional.

Retrieved May 6, Retrieved November 16, Blu-ray permits secondary audio decoding, whereby the disc content can tell the player to mix multiple audio sources together before final output.