When that Christian becomes spiritual, he will need no exhortation; but himself becomes an exhorter both by precept and example. Christians, as a whole, are. A Review of Lewis Sperry Chafer’s “He That Is Spiritual”. Benjamin B. Warfield ( ). The following review appeared in The Princeton Theological. He explores what the Bible says about the role of the Holy Spirit in the life of a Title: He That Is Spiritual; Author: Lewis Sperry Chafer; Publisher: Moody Press.

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Paul was a Pharisee, “an Hebrew tnat the Hebrews. It is no longer something for the human strength to attempt, nor is it to be done by the human strength plus the help of the Spirit. Thus the Spirit ministers to the world, actualizing to them otherwise unknowable facts which, taken together, form the central truths of the Gospel of His grace. To discover these realities and the revealed conditions upon which all may be realized is the purpose of the following pages.

The Spirit has come to abide.

God is not a reality to the natural man. It is wholly within the family circle and the restoration is unto the full enjoyment of those blessings.

It would make little sense to a new Christian or unbeliever. Three distinct manifestations of the Spirit are found in this portion of the Scriptures, and these serve to complete the whole revelation as to the exact work of the Spirit in and through the one whom He fills.

To combine these systems, and to apply them all to the believer of this age, is to present obligations which are in themselves, at some points, contradictory and confusing, and to ignore the vital distinctions between law and grace. It is because of this new union to Christ that a Christian can be said to be “in Christ,” and being “in Christ” he partakes of all that Christ is, – His life, His righteousness, and His glory.


He That Is Spiritual: A Classic Study of the Biblical Doctrine of Spirituality

Our one concern is to know and do His will; but normally, true spirituality is expressed and exercised in the ministries committed to believers and which can be accomplished only by the imparted power spiritaul God.

It is possible to be filled with the Spirit when immature in growth, experience and understanding. The “carnal” man, or “babe in Christ,” is not “able to bear” the deep things of God. Christian growth and the deeper knowledge of the Truth are to be distinguished from spirituality.

The root meaning of the word forgive, in the Scriptures, is remission. He loves His own even though they are wandering away, as is revealed in the return of the “prodigal son. Other manifestations of the Spirit have evidently ceased.

He That Is Spiritual by Lewis Sperry Chafer

It would be useless to attempt to classify experiences; but when one has found peace, power and blessing through a definite yielding to God and reliance on His strength alone, the Bible clearly assigns the cause to be a larger manifestation of the presence and power of the Spirit.

There is an individual service “foreordained” for each child of God, and there are particular “rivers of living water” to flow from each inner life. So the New Testament believer, though once for all cleansed as to his salvation, must also be cleansed from every spirituao, and Christ alone can make him clean. It is impossible for one to enter into the plan and provision for a life of power and blessing and ignore the distinct revelation as to where the Spirit is now as related to the believer.

It is not a “Thou shall not”: Since the whole discussion concerning the believer’s life in the Spirit, according to the Epistle to the Romans, is consummated in the beginning of the eighth chapter, that which follows in the chapter should be considered as being true only of those who have been adjusted to the larger life and walk in bby Spirit.


One of the most helpful bits of information was the conditions of true spirituality. Self-judgment Saves from Chastisement I Corinthians When Christ was born, a star was seen in the East, the voices of the angelic host were heard and most unusual conditions obtained. I have fed you with milk, and not with meat: It is a device of Satan to make the blessings of God seem abhorrent to young people who are overflowing with physical life and energy.

He That Is Spiritual by Lewis Sperry Chafer –

When we were saved He forgave us “all trespasses” Colossians 2: These nine words form a Bible definition of what is meant by the phrase, “For to me to live is Christ. By this particular manifestation of the Spirit, unseen things become blessedly real. I need to read this one again sometime By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another” John Human epiritual, however, could never produce the divine results which tha anticipated, and the Scriptures jealously contend that true Christian service is a direct “manifestation of the Spirit”: Robby Gordon rated it liked it Oct 04, It also indirectly started the founder of a world wide youth reaching move Always the consummate systematic theologian, LS Chafer past President of Dallas Theological Seminary unfolds the biblical teaching on living a spiritual life.

It is the Spirit of God doing something, and using the believer to accomplish it; rather than the believer doing something, and calling on God for help in the task. History shows that such divisions end in rival organizations. Please verify that you are not a robot.