Hitachi Medical Systems Europe (Holding) AG. Hitachi – Noblus. Mode B & M- mode; omnidirectional M-mode; PW and CW Doppler; color and power Doppler; . Hitachi understands that healthcare is an integral part of our social infrastructure. The Noblus ultrasound diagnostic scanner features the ultimate in versatility. Highly visible volume data is available with a light-weight and compact probe. STIC(Spatio-temporal Image Correlation)*. Displays the fetal heart in 3D images .

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Designed to fit on the tip of the index finger, the small size and lightweight design of this transducer make it a good choice for surgical guidance and neonatal heads. Videos Ultrasound Imaging November 28, UST Abdominal Transducer The ideal, all-around, general imaging transducer offering 5 levels of fundamental frequencies in addition to 4 settings of harmonic frequencies.

Hitachi-Aloka Noblus Our most versatile ultrasound scanner, easily adapted to virtually any Radiology Workplace. Breast Elasto Strain Ratio. High-performance diagnostic ultrasound imaging for Interventional General Imaging.

This transducer is used to image the fetus, abdominal regions, etc in real-time 3D mode. Hitachi-Aloka F37 read more.

Hitachi Aloka Releases Noblus, Advanced Versatile Ultrasound With Flexible Style

Adjustable cart height allows excellent ergonomic operation from a standing or sitting position. Expertly designed especially for breast and small parts examinations, this high frequency, high penetration 3D transducer allows you to obtain instant hiatchi data of superficial areas. Seno Medical reported results of a study demonstrating that morphologic and functional Real-time side-by-side display of a B-mode image hitacni Color Doppler image assisting in easy anatomical interpretation of blood flow.


The expertly designed Noblus represents a new class of sleek and powerful ultrasound systems bringing outstanding functionality wherever it is needed.

Noblus : Healthcare : Hitachi

News Hitafhi Ultrasound November 19, The Smart Touch feature enables intuitive operation; wireless DICOM communication powerfully enhances your examination efficiency, irrespective of the exam location. Our most versatile ultrasound scanner will become a powerful asset to your workplace.

The ability to steer the image across the field-of-view means less transducer manipulation and greater patient comfort. Click image to enlarge Noblus Image Technology Clear images and advanced functions are what you have come to expect from Hitachi — Aloka. L44 Linear 9 – 4 MHz 38 mm Width. Provides nbolus image quality along with the degree field of view needing less transducer movement for a more patient friendly exam. C25P Abdominal Biopsy Transducer The unique design of this transducer allows the needle to enter in the center of the image, facilitating yitachi procedures like intercostal biopsies.

High-performance dedicated operating room ultrasound systems for Scrotal and Penile Doppler Solutions. Services About scil and Hitachi-Aloka Its compact design uses the same image processing technologies normally reserved for high-end systems. High-performance diagnostic ultrasound imaging for Vascular General Imaging. High-performance diagnostic ultrasound imaging hitacyi Pelvic Radiology. Please note that all descriptions in this website conform to the Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Act in Japan as well as other laws and regulations in Japan.


Dependable results provided by high-definition image quality. The Noblus is compatible with a wide range of transducers: A wide band sector transducer for pediatric and abdominal imaging.

Noblus for General Imaging | Hitachi Healthcare Americas

EUP-R54AW Transrectal Transducer A transrectal transducer of wide bandwidth and wide scan angles degrees which can be used for scanning of rectal walls and surrounding parts of the recti. A wide band convex transducer with a 50mm radius designed for general abdominal hiachi.

Incorporates Hitachi Healthcare’s exclusive hemispheric sound technology which provides exceptional near field resolution and detail for needle guidance.

The Ultra BE, an ultrasound-specific digital signal processor is at the core of the Noblus, achieving advanced beam formation and sophisticated image processing. This transducer has a reference line feature that allows easy mark-up by relating a location within the body to scale markings on the transducer.

Whether your clinical requirements are routine examinations or detailed analysis the Prologue is a perfect addition to any practice. Outstanding 2D image hotachi with color Dopple. This is especially helpful in assessing structures that are larger than the transducer field of view.