The Hoehn and Yahr scale (HY) is a widely used clinical rating scale, which de fines broad categories of motor function in Parkinson’s disease (PD). Among its. versus no therapy in mild to moderate Parkinson’s disease: a large pragmatic randomised controlled trial (PD REHAB). Appendix 8Hoehn and Yahr stages. Front Biosci (Landmark Ed). Mar 1; Hoehn and Yahr staging of Parkinson’s disease in relation to neuropsychological measures. Modestino.

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Although somewhat restricted, has work potential depending upon the type of employment. People with stage five PD may be unable to rise from a chair or get out of bed without help, they may have a tendency to fall when standing or hiehn, and they may freeze or stumble when walking.

Please review our privacy policy. Email Created with Sketch. Parkinson’s disease PD is primarily considered to be a progressive degenerative motor disease associated with the degeneration of striatal dopamine neurons. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Stage two may develop months or years after stage one. Since then, a modified Hoehn and Yahr scale was proposed with the addition of stages 1. It now includes the following sections: Usually the diagnosis is easy at this Stage if it has been preceded by a clear cut tremor or other symptom on one side.


Measures of general cognition divulged a significant decrease as H-Y score increased. These scores hoehh tallied to indicate the severity of the disease, with points being the worst and total disability and 0 meaning no disability.

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Diagnosis – Rating Scales |

The scale is not linear; that is the patient does not remain at each stage for the same number of years; nor does any stage necessarily represent a given amount of pathology in the brain.

A study of patients mean age: One hand or foot may have been clumsier than the other may have. Sign up here instead.

In some instances, it is not applicable. A normal life can be.

Hoehn and Yahr scale

Let us know at contact ParkinsonsDisease. Symptoms of PD in stage two may include the loss of facial expression on both sides of the face and decreased blinking. Mild bilateral involvement with recovery on retropulsion pull test. This work was produced by Clarke et al. Fill out my Wufoo form!

Hoehn and Yahr scale – Wikipedia

Please help improve this article by adding links that are relevant to the context within the existing text. However, increasing evidence has suggested progressive cognitive and psychiatric changes as well.

This rating system has been largely supplanted by the Unified Parkinson’s Disease Rating Scalewhich assesses limitation of daily activities and non-motor symptoms in more detail.


It was originally published in in the journal Neurology by Melvin Yahr and Margaret Hoehn and included stages 1 through 5. Balance is compromised by the inability to make the rapid, automatic, and involuntary adjustments necessary to prevent falling, and falls are common at this stage.

A patient at Stage II can become almost normal with adequate therapy; a patient at Stage IV will have residual symptoms, and improvement is never as marked or dramatic.

Years of education had a significant negative relationship with H-Y score. By providing your email address, you are agreeing to our privacy policy. People with PD may also never experience some of the above symptoms. The patient at Stage IV however, does remain able to stand and walk unassisted. Similarly, many patients never reach Stage V. Five Stages of Parkinson’s Posted: Try again or let us know at contact ParkinsonsDisease.

Sometimes the disease must evolve over many years before a diagnosis can be made with certainty.

The patient may exhibit: But not all Parkinson’s patients have tremor or other definite signs of Stage I unilateral Parkinsonism. Health Technology Assessment, No.