1. Application Description 1) Service Description The base station commissioning indicates that the users commission and verify the base. OptiX RTN Radio Transmission System. VRC Commissioning and Configuration Guide (Web LCT). Issue, Date, HUAWEI. Huawei DBS Commissioning Procedure Security Level: Huawei DBS Commissioning Procedure (V) HUAWEI Confidential Page1.

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Once you are logged in successfully you should see the following. The hardware has been installed. The target software package has been obtained.

Core Network Info Community Members: Skip to main content. The diagram below details the orientation of the Antennas, the first sector Alpha is the one btts to the north east, alone the clockwise, are the second Beta and the third Gamma sector.

Testing will differ slightly between S and S sites due to the different in cells present on the site. Click Add and Fill the table. Sub-contractor team got the correct NodeB software and Script from Huawei. The commissioning procedures for different base stations commissioninb include the following aspects: After you finish the call test, please call RNC Engineer to unblock cells and block cells, you can make calls and Handover After you hhawei the callp, please call RNC Engineer to unblock all cells and tell them the Callp on site finished.

Please refer to the document: If tower work is in progress then hard hats are required to be worn onsite. Log In Sign Up.

Micro Base Station Commissioning Guide

The following methods can be used for quick commissioning: If the RNC engineer is not able to provide the necessary support the local engineer will need to contact Huawei technical support.

  AR 2166-8 PDF

If you are a beginner or only need to commission the base station in a specific scenario, see the corresponding micro base station quick commissioning guide. Group Post User Document.

Telus has some special sites, which are not defined like this, Huawei will provide a list of these kind of sites A valid Huawei ID card will be required for all engineers attending site.

RTN 950 V100R003C01 Commissioning and Configuration Guide 02(Web LCT)

The RNC engineer will need to unlock the cells and load the appropriate license keys for the NodeB configuration. Save it and send all these three files to Huawei. To finalize the commissioning of the NodeB and make it ready for call testing it is necessary to notify the RNC engineer that the software upgrade and the commissioning is complete.

If required the engineer may have to remain off site until tower crews have finished any ongoing operations. The Upgrade NodeB software dialog box will not be displayed. Call tests should consist of the following: This report then provides the basis for scheduling activities for commissioning preparation and commissioning activities.

If the USB Memory stick is detected correctly the following should happen within 20 seconds: Call RNC Engineer to block all cells.

Then double-click Software Update, as before. Before commissioning a base station, ensure that the following prerequisites are met: Click the […] button on the Office row. Make sure the PSC is right in each cell. Connect laptop and NodeB with a Fast Ethernet cable. Make a call and walk around the site, to make sure there is no call drop.

Micro Base Station Commissioning Guide-Wireless Network Info Community-Huawei Connect

Application Description 1 Service Description The base station commissioning indicates that the users commission and verify the base station based on design requirements to ensure that the base station can work properly. Scope The scope of this document commissionibg to give a detail procedure for the commissioning of the Huawei DBS base station.

  IEC 61660 PDF

Check the download speed 4. It will take about 10 minutes to activate the software.

RTN VRC01 Commissioning and Configuration Guide 02(Web LCT) – Huawei

Make a PS download and walk around commissiioning site, to make sure there is no call drop. Wireless Network Info Community Members: The following dialog box will then be displayed. Site Awareness There are a number of site in Canada that are in remote location that require situational awareness therefore when travelling to and from remote site locations it is important that the engineer is equipped for travel to remote sites Engineers must also be aware that Tower work takes precedent over hkawei other site work; therefore if tower work is in progress then the tower crew is in control of the site.

The DBS will carry out a reset after the software and the data configuration has been activated. If the some of the commands failed, please call RNC Engineer for troubleshooting.

Set the IP address for laptop. Uhawei base station to be deployed has been configured. Different base stations use different commissioning tools. Site Access Procedures On attending site the engineer will be required to follow the site access procedures laid out below. Click here commiissioning sign up.

Call Cokmissioning Testing Use the [Browse] button to set the location of the configuration file NodeBCfg. Commissioning Preparation In order for commissioning preparation to be considered complete the following must have happened.