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Ex YU rock enciklopedija – trans. The book features informations about most important acts of the rock scene of Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslaviaas well as of scenes of the successor states.

The book contains biographies and discographies of the most important acts of the Yugoslav rock scene, as well as of the scenes of the successor states. Besides rock acts in the traditional sense of the term, the book features bluesreggaeworld musichip hopambient and avant-garde music acts. The book also contains basic informations about a large number of less notable acts, but incorporated into the enciklopfdija about related notable acts.

Ostale knjige iz edicije

The book also features an appendix with the information about most notable Yugoslav rock music festivals and magazines. The first edition of the book, entitled Ilustrovana YU rock enciklopedija -was published in The first edition of the book features biographies and discographies of the acts which gained the attention of the public during the existence of SFR Yugoslavia, including informations about their activity after the breakup of the country.

He stated that he believed that the rock scenes of SloveniaCroatiaBosnia and Herzegovina and Macedonia were independent scenes with little connection to FR Yugoslav scene. The second edition of the book, entitled Ilustrovana ex YU rock enciklopedija -was published in The third edition of the book, entitled Ex YU rock enciklopedija -was published in Zvezdan Georgijevski, in the review published in Macedonian magazine Pulswrote:.

The book was also praised in reviews in Serbian magazine Vreme[9] Montenegrin newspaper Vijesti [10] and Bosnian magazine Fan. There were also negative reactions. The review published in Serbian newspaper Danas stated:.


In the review published on Serbian web magazine PopboksDimitrije Vojnov wrote:. Background The book contains biographies and discographies of the most important acts of the Yugoslav rock scene, as well as of the scenes of the successor states. Ilustrovana YU rock enciklopedija – The first edition of the book, entitled Ilustrovana YU rock enciklopedija -was published in With enciklopsdija on my ears, with my head stuck into old magazines, I was poisoning myself with better past, with rock scene of the s, s and s and with what survived in the s.

Ilustrirana rock enciklopedija – Nick Logan, Bob Wolfinden – Google Books

And here, on today’s day, December 1,the text of the encyclopedia is finished. The leaders that made our life miserable are definitely history. It’s easier to destroy than to build. This book is a milestone. I knew, as the author of the encyclopedia knew, that it is a job which requires the kind of effort which is often bordering masochism.

The articles are written with caring, critically tested style, with fine anecdotes in the right places and tastefully used judgements. The biographies of the most famous groups are like miniature novels.

Younger colleagues, who are just starting to write about events on the rock scene, will have an irreplaceable tool in their work, which will help them exclude all possible factual mistakes. And then we freed ourselves from the shackles, and four free countries with the strongest turbo folk scenes in the world were created. Most of the reviews at the time were highly positive, but there were different opinions too. The appearance of the second edition of Yu rock encyclopedia represents a publishing accomplishment and a first-rate event which causes respect and attention, just as three years ago, when the book appeared for the first time.

Aware of the fact that encoklopedija is not impeccable, he is continuing his, now already ex-yu, rock journey, crowning it with the third, this year’s edition of something that, in this form, has not been seen on the territory of the former Enfiklopedija, but also beyond it.

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Now already Ex-yu rock encyclopedia has reached pages, which contain readable eniklopedija of rock and roll in one, larger part of Europe. Although fans of some bands can say that some got less space than the others [ Ilustrovana ex YU rock enciklopedija – Politika AD April 25, Puls April 23, Vreme March 15, Vijesti April 15, Izmedju ambicija i mogucnosti”, yurope.

Slobodna Bosna in Bosnian. Pres-Sing May 16, Peglanje demo izdanja”, vreme. O ludacima, genijalcima i ekscentricima”, popboks. And just as a bear runs away from the long winter to several-month long sleep, I was running away from the stupid s, TV shows, idiotic politicians, inflationdeflation and penetration to writing a book.

Ilustrovana ex YU Rock Enciklopedija | Bookogs Database & Marketplace

It’s been three years since the publishing of the previous book, and a lot of things have changed. Xenia – YU Grupa. Ilustrovana YU Rock Ennciklopedija is the first work of this kind offered to the judgement of the public.

One thing is certain: A book you must have, if for no other reason than as a memory of the years of leadwhen we were a country with one of the strongest rock scenes in Europe. Beware of Serbs writing yu-rock encyclopedias, that could be the title of this short review of what is, in my knowledge, the first yu-rock encyclopedia [ You are a Greater Serbia -oriented Croatophile! That sort of SUCCESS it deserves capital letters, when we bear in mind the country in which it happens, and even more when we include the moment in which it happenscan be described as an ideal mixture of love, talent and hard work.

From time to time, not even from time to time, actually, only once appears a publication to which the internet can’t do a thing, except to illegally distribute its scanned versions.