This precipitated a trip to the Sanguine site, which then showed me that there is a revised version of Ironclaw that has been available since the. Book of , , MB. Book of , , MB. Ironclaw , , Ironclaw is a game made by furries, for furries and about furries. It takes place in a sort of feudal european fantasy setting. Basically Furcadia.

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The Sanguine games were an influence on my development of Cortex Plus. So basically, Ironclaw’s magic is gimped in straight, mindless combat at the lowest levels, but pretty damn ridiculous with a little bit of thought when it comes to actual problem solving.

Navigation Main page Recent changes Random page Help. Skill Marks cost 4 experience, all Gifts cost 10 experience. Ironclaw 2nd Edition, Omnibus.

Your attack roll is also your damage roll. Everyone starts the game with the same number of Gifts and Skill Marks Bonuses and Penalties are more dice.

And yeah, a Fate hack of Justifiers is something I’ve considered Your species is an aspect! At one in the morning, a man begins to ponder things, like the meaning of life, and the relative quality of RPGs featuring anthropomorphic characters.

On Order – Availability Unknown. Like new with only the slightest wear, many times indistinguishable from a Mint item. All Magic is handled by Gifts. For second edition, they have released four supplements so far – the Book of Mysteriesthe Book of Foolsthe Book of Jade and the Book of Adventuresall of which have updated versions of materials from 1e supplements.


So, is Ironclaw any good?

Player’s Book 2nd Edition. RPG wonks say the mechanics and settings are worth investigating, but look editionn that cover art. If you want to get involved, click one of these buttons! The art in the second edition is a bit of a mixed bag, but the color illustrations of all the playable races are done by the same artist who did the rat above, click on the image to see his Flickr feed and peruse some of the others.

As a result, a clever roleplayer can pull some amazing left-field shit on a GM who’s not expecting it. Editkon Epidiah, is that art from the second edition? You can get more buildpoints by purchasing Flaws. A Bestiarywhich contains those illustrations as well as the full versions of the descriptions he wrote for them. I don’t know a whole lot about it because I haven’t had enough of a reason to buy it, but a game you might be interested in is “Shard”. Hit points have been replaced with status effects; being damaged can not only injured or kill, it can demoralize a combatant so they can’t attack, which may end a fight.

If that bothers your group check out the Variant Rules for ideas on starting with more power. The major house are:. Sign In or Register to comment. Many magic spells are weapons that are readied, thrown, then readied again. Clearly I have captured a passion within me to argue this round.

Book of Adventures, The. Ironclaw is a game made by furriesfor furries and about furries. Home Recent Additions Welcome Wiki. Retrieved from ” https: If the difference is more than 5, it is an fdition success for the winner.


Is that a bonus, or is it a theme that is important to the genre? And sadly, it does not sound like Ironclaw is the game I’m looking for. Once the Autarchs finally fell, everyone breathed a sigh of relief and the arts of magic were feared and hated for centuries.

Ironclaw – 1d4chan

If excessively worn, they will be marked as “card worn. An average GM just assumes that if the fire isn’t doing direct damage then it’s a pointless nuisance. No more bumping up die sizes, no more re-rolls. The stuff in the preview pdf looks very But Eppy mentioning here and elsewhere has made me really, really, really want to play this game.

When only one condition is listed, then 2nnd box and contents are in the same condition. Editiin look at it. Just Hack Dresden Files. March edited March The first two things you do when you hit someone in combat is make them take a moment to think things over and make them go away. The publisher tossed out some non-furry races to use with the game and setting, and the system and default setting survive removing the talking animals, but it’s not like anyone has a problem with furry people, right?

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