getAllChildren().get(0).getAllChildren(); StringBuffer stringBuffer = new StringBuffer(); for (PdfOutline bookmark: bookmarks) { showTitle(bookmark, stringBuffer); }. Tags: iText 7building blocksChapter 6tutorialactionsdestinationsBookmarks drawn by the PDF viewer that renders annotations on top of the existing content. Interactivity within PDF documents is enabled though Anchors (links) and Bookmarks. Following earlier articles in my iTextSharp series, this.

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In that case, our TOC points at the wrong page, more specifically at the page just before the one we need. While we were talking about actions, we mentioned the concept of destinations a couple of times.

Clone or import pages between PDF documents in C# and VB.NET

Q adds aJavaScript action. Creating annotations iText 5 Previous post: May 20, We add another Paragraph in lines 15 to AddTemplate page, 0, 1f, -1f, 0, reader. Depending on whether or not you want to keep the empty signature field or completely remove the field, you’ll use either the method clearSignatureField or removeField passing the name of a signature field as parameter.

The top-level object is a Chapter, which will always begin on a new page. If the required zoom factors for the horizontal and the vertical magnification are different, the smaller of the bolkmark is used. The setAction method doesn’t make sense for every building block. We get the value of each entry line 42 to construct the content of each line in the table of contents: In this case, Section 1. String name, line. We change the color of this title to blue line 11 and bold line If you click one of these dates, the corresponding page is opened.


Please Sign up or sign in to vote. You can itextshaarp this coordinate with the getVerticalPosition method.

We expect it to be in the same directory as the file we refer from. The result was nice, but you can do better if you create the outline using PdfOutline objects.

iTextSharp – Links and Bookmarks

Both documents have bookmarks, and you want these bookmarks to be merged as shown in figure 7. Finally, both Chapters are added to the document. Creating actions, destinations, and bookmarks Chapter 6: You can get this with the get-RootOutline method O.

They value is an Integer we’ll use for the page number. We can only know if that happens when the title paragraph is rendered. Creating bookmarks for a new document Take a look at figure 7. The createSubmitForm method is one of the many PdfAction methods we didn’t discuss. We create a unique name for each chapter title in line Opens the file so that the rectangle specified with the parameters is visible.

Email Required, but never shown. itextsuarp

Adding bookmarks (iText 5)

We use the PdfLinkAnnotation to create a Link object in line 5. The resulting XML file looks like this: They are part of the link annotation, and they are drawn by the PDF viewer that renders annotations bookmagk top of the existing content.


That’s probably why no one cared to answer that question. The link jumps to another page in the document and shows this page in full. Provide an answer or move on to the next question. The parameters define a rectangle. This table of contents was added as an extra page, listing the different chapters and the corresponding page numbers. This line and rectangle shown in this screen shot are not part of the actual content of the PDF document. Let’s work to help developers, not make them feel stupid.

In the examples that follow, we’ll discover some more types, and we’ll also learn about different types of destinations that can be used in a link. When a PDF is digitally signed, there is a limited number of operations that may or may not be allowed. This validation could itexrsharp done using JavaScript. The first parameter is the name of the file we created in the previous example.

You can use table 7. Each HashMap item contains at least one of the keys listed in table 7.