Before you When calculating rates.g. Quick Start-Up Guide Setting up an infusion for the Ivac Rate Calculation ml to be infused in 2 hours 30 minutes. The IVAC® Volumetric Pump automatically regulates the infusion rate of intravenous solutions. Users are advised to read, to understand this manual and to be thoroughly familiar with the Pump prior to Tel: (27) (0) interferon α-2α, , , , , , , interferon α-2b, , , , , IVAC, ixabepilone, –,, ,, , ixazomib, .

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The position at which the display changes is the EOI point and it depends on the type of syringe in use. Remove the three screws and washers securing the Communications PCB. The following table lists the error codes and describes what action to take to resolve the problem. Download our new Bid Now App here:. Alternative label for use as required. This test should be performed annually, or more frequently as required e.

IVAC® PCAM® Syringe Pump |

Inspect the patient handset for damage. Do you want to view our website in English or change to English? Allows protocols to be modified in SET mode. Charge retention will degrade over time. Should the clinical situation require it, the indicator light can be disabled. You can set your browser to block or alert you about these cookies, but some parts of the website will not then work. Alarm Audible alarm Check that the alarm sounds continuously.

Check flexi circuit, replace if necessary. Note 4—CareFusion recommends using signal cables of less than 3 metres in length and this requirement is applicable only if signal cables are 3 metres or more in length.

  AFI 63-501 PDF

Italics Used to refer to other documents or manuals. Disconnect the flexible circuit from the motor by removing the four fixing screws and disconnect de-solder the two motor wires.

Linear Speed Sensor The linear movement of the pump transmission is monitored using a slotted optical switch, known as the linear speed opto, coupled with a linear grid. R emove the four chassis screws and washers and two beam screws which secure the transmission assembly.

The tables below list the data items. Enter file name and desired location for data to be saved to example, D: Disconnect the backlight connector and pull the PCBs apart. The flow sensor will cause ivad pump to alarm if a significant deviation from the infusion rate occurs.

Use the following guide to eliminate the cause of the alarm. Configuration summary Summary of configured options Select the NEXT option and scroll to the next page of configured manuak, then to normal operation. Remove the Communications PCB, pulling the ribbon cable through the slot in the case wall.

Remove the two screws which secure the battery retaining plate. When servicing, it is recommended that torque is applied gradually until the component is secure.

Inspect case components for damage and replace if necessary. Therefore, the Pump is not considered an MRI compatible pump. X Have you tried our new? In Volume mode – between 0. If the pump fails the test sequence at any stage, it should be taken out of service and inspected manul a qualified service engineer.

Note 3—Compliance levels raised by EN Fit item F – alarm cover label LB to decrease alarm volume if the alarm volume is still too loud at it’s lowest position.


Remove the exposed spring mechanism assembly fixing screws and remove the assembly from the cover. Where an item is marked as Fail, the original setting is not changed. The Pump contains static-sensitive components and therefore strict ESD precautions should be observed at all times. To strip down each lower case sub assembly, follow the instructions in the relevant section of this chapter. Crop pin 1 to within 1mm of the board.

Motor Gearbox Breakdown Note: Do not use aggressive cleaning agents as these may damage the exterior surface of the pump. See ‘Preset Protocol Set Up’ for further details.

Base level – Check 52 reading is within the range displayed. Fit the linear test gear TG and JG plunger protect to the pump, and TG magnet to the cover clip position and move plunger holder towards the dial gauge until it is a about 3mm clear of the probe.

Air Sensor Integral Ultrasonic Sensor.

IVAC® PCAM® Syringe Pump

The main controller for the supply is IC8 which generates a pulse output on pin 7. If calibration cannot be performed, repairs to pump may be necessary. Remove the handset inlet assembly from the lower case. Bonded Beam The pumping pressure of the pump is detected by manuwl the deflection of a beam at the end of the leadscrew on the transmission by using a full bridge strain gauge. Datex Ohmeda Tec 7 Sevoflurane x 2.