Consult JAGA’s Sani Panel brochure on ArchiExpo. Page: 1/4. Consult JAGA’s Sani Basic brochure on ArchiExpo. Page: 1/4. Sani Bow. 4 Pages. En. Sani Louvre. 4 Pages. En. Sani Panel. 4 Pages. En. Sani Ronda. Not standard connection without surcharge. Sani Panel. Standard wall fixing. Feet. Side end fixing. Configurations on size: see parts. Fixings. Code: 1° number .

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The general characteristics in bold below are valid for the thermostats Timeless design for each kitchen and bathroom A towel radiator with a beautiful and attractive design with high heat output, providing comfort and warmth.

A soft warmth in a distinctive form No longer straight and angular, but organic, with gently curved radiant pipes that end in the subtle simplicity of a triangular collector. Attached to bathroom or kitchen furniture or simply on the wall.

Sani Panel

Jaga offers pandl diverse and vast selection or radiators – over 60 radiators in more thanpossible combinations. Deco Panel Vertical Striking and timeless.


Written by stagiair on 29 February Options Towel rail – chrome-plated aluminium. A universal towel holder with unlimited possibilities. Feet are available in the same colour as the casing.

Jaga Sani Panel

Position flow and return pipe. Case studies See the Sani Panel in use in one of the following applications: Low-H 2 O technology with super conductive and ultra fast jag exchanger for low energy consumption and maximum heat emission Safe and low contact temperature. Heatwave Playful curves out of a concrete shell.

Visit our consumer website. Another sxni might be Steel tube for C. Briza Built-In Super slim and powerful heating, cooling and ventilation.

Heated Towel Rails | Sani Panel | Jaga

Mikado – Universal towel rail. Iguana Swni Wall The sunshine radiator. Brise Super-power for heating, cooling and ventilation. A universal towel holder with unlimited possibilities. Oxygen Intelligent and healthy ventilation.

Logistics Delivering your equipment fast, efficiently and when you need it more. Twine and Pinch A tribute to the traditional column radiator. We know what we are doing and we have the experience to prove it.

Sani Louvre

From vertical radiators, to hidden radiators, to heated towel rails; whatever you need, find it here more. Attached to bathroom or kitchen furniture or simply on the wall. This is warmth with symbolic value, design with feeling. Fill in sleeve coupling codes M24 Included in the price Pre-mounted connection set Order sleeve couplings M24 seperate See “Built-in thermostat”.


Alle 2pipe Floor M24 Wall. Inspired by a child’s drawing of the brightly shining sun With the Iguana Aplano the slim triangular radiant pipes are placed alongside each other in a flat plane Elegant simplicity with a frivolous touch Also available as plus version for low water temperatures.

Strada Pannel power, cutting-edge design.

Maximum cable length Maximum cable length in function of the number of devices. Check out our portfolio of project case studies here more. Sani Bow Sleekly panelled towel-rail.

Geo vertical with towel rail is an ideal radiator in the bathroom.