Querelle of Brest [Jean Genet] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Querelle is regarded by many critics as Jean Genet’s highest achievement in the novel–certainly one of the landmarks of postwar French literature. The story of a. Jean Genet’s five novels have secured him international recognition as one of the masters’ of modern French fiction. He wrote “Querelle” in the.

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El cuerpo de un hombre, que es parecido a todos los hombres, a todos los errores amorosos querlele arrastro como lectora mujer heterosexual. En Querelle no hay arrepentimiento por nada. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Want to Read saving…. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

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Preview — Querelle of Brest by Jean Genet. Querelle of Brest by Jean Genet. It was first published anonymously in and limited to numbered copies.

It is set in the midst of the port town of Brest, where sailors and the sea are associated with murder. Its protagonist, Georges Querelle, is a bisexual thief, prostitute and serial killer who manipulates and kills his lovers for thrills and profit.

The novel formed the basis for Rainer Werner F It was first published anonymously in and limited to numbered copies. The novel formed the basis for Rainer Werner Fassbinder’s last film, Querelle Paperbackpages.

Published January 13th by Grove Press first published To see what your friends thought of this book, please jeab up.

To ask other readers questions querrelle Querelle of Brestplease sign up. Does anyone know quuerelle there is another English translation of Querelle besides the Gregory Streatham translation? See 1 question about Querelle of Brest…. Lists with This Book. As a straight man, I sure do have a love for Gay literature and Gay authors. Genet is just an once-in-a-life-time genius. And again, i gejet a love for the twilight world that basically slips out quwrelle the pages in this book. Everything is sexualized to the max, and it’s a work of great inner-world beauty.

View all 5 comments. The world of Genet is not one for the light-heard, but for those who feel art is the path by which we are able to explore the infinite experiences and viewpoints which life has to offer us.

May 30, Don rated it it was ok. I read Querelle after finishing Secret Historian: The Life and Times of Samuel Steward a must readin which Steward tries for years to get his translation of it published in English, to no avail. Genet’s book originally appeared in French in the 40’s and Jeaj was simply too far ahead of his time in thinking that the subject matter would be accepted in the US. Steward, and several of his literary companions, shared a reverence for Genet and Querelle in particular….


That anticipation and the build up to it is, in large part, responsible for my reaction to the book and this review. In no uncertain terms I can say that the writing is beautiful, almost hypnotically poetic. Add to that a delicious cast of characters- murderers, thieves, whores, sex addicts, liars, convicts and voyeurs. Add also an appropriately dangerous setting- the sinister underbelly of a seedy, French, port town with all its hiding places, abandoned prisons, whore houses, dark alleys, bleak ramparts and deserted dockyards.

The perfect storm I yenet as I dove in and began turning quetelle. I could just see Gent Paul Belmondo with the collar of his pea coat turned up, lurking in the shadows. I couldn’t get a hold of a through line that compelled me to keep going, yet I did.

Was it because of Genet’s tendency to ramble off on philosophical tangents that constantly interrupted the story line? Was it the result of a poor translation?

My over-eagerness to ‘get into it’? Nov 17, Emily rated it it was amazing. I don’t give out 5 stars lightly. The lyrical beauty of the work remains wonderfully in tact. Querelle is super thick, rich, compelling, and dark. The filthy world of sailors and brothels lends itself to one of the queerest here i meant “strangest” until I realized that it fully embodies both meanings of the word things I’ve ever read.

It’s difficult, but so worth getting through. I fe I don’t give out 5 stars lightly.

Querelle of Brest by Jean Genet

I feel bad on my 5 quereple ratings because I feel that nothing I could ever say would portend what lies between the covers of these books.

But as of yet, its in the best 10 books I’ve ever had the pleasure of jeean. It’s been about 2 decades since I read Querelle, but the scenes and poetic style marked me like a tattooed sailor.

Yet, when the murderous main character describes how he felt when he killed Well, it’s mind-boggling that Genet could describe it so sensitively and beautifully. If you loved the Todd Haynes’ film, Poison, and if you enjoy exploring the minds of the damaged and desperate, Querelle is the book for you. It is a master’s work an It’s been about 2 decades since I read Querelle, but the scenes and poetic style marked me like a tattooed sailor.

It is a master’s work and probably deserves 5 stars; I’ll re-visit querele update.

Querelle of Brest

BTW, Fassbinder made this into a filmbut its tone is nothing like the book. If you must see the film, read the book first. The book is not campy.

O para decirlo en criollo: Mar 23, Mariel rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Recommended to Mariel by: I’m not feeling inspired. I went to bed super early on New Year’s Eve. It wasn’t even seven p. My big plans for the night was watching my dvd of Fassbinder’s Querelle. I fell asleep some point. I felt overwhelmingly tired. Maybe waking up at 3 a. I still feel tired same reason. Instead of early birds getting worms I just feel wormy. More than anything, my brain is pushing through extra brain fogginess.


I apologize in advance if this doesn’t make any sense that I’m not feeling inspired. I apologize in advance if this doesn’t make any sense that’s not like when qurelle prefaces something offensive with a “Now don’t get offended” as if it is license to say whatever they like.

It’s more like me kicking myself ahead of time yenet I don’t make any sense. If that makes sense. I have a lot of thoughts on this but in the most disjointed train of thought way.

I’m relieved that no one can read my mind. Maybe it would be better if someone could. The previous owner of my copy of Querelle must have been writing a paper for some class. There are notes in the margins and underlined meaningful passages. Or maybe Christian Slater was plotting a suicide note for a mythologically prevalent person named Heather.

I’m developing a weird sort of mind relationship with Jean Genet.

It’s not reading but more like a push-probe. I relate to living in the empty fireplaces of dreams not dreamed. Suerelle four starred both I’ve read because they haven’t yet achieved the “goosebumps” status in my frame of references in the Mariel train of thoughts that I think about all day.

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I’m resistant to giving in to quefelle is who I really am. I’m sure I look absolutely crazy to anyone who catches me having these conversations in my jdan. I take in the psychotic humanly observations and will use them in my frame of reference for things that I think about a lot and pretend I don’t want to run back into his cell when I’m afraid I’ll never fit into the belonging world. I am starting to use Genet a lot these days. It’s not getting better. All I want to do is read.

Okay, I didn’t like what I’ve seen of the movie so far because the viewer relationship is changed. Queerlle book feels like that jazzed up feeling I get only from watching someone very charismatic. The Morrissey feeling of my space but it has a mirror for you. That’s what I really want to say, to me, to explain it.