Free Essay: Jharna Software: The Move To Agile Methods 1. Create a process map of the software development process described in the. Jharna Software: The Move to Agile Methods. Front Cover. Indranil Bose. Asia Case Research Centre, University of Hong Kong, – Agile software. Discuss the conditions that favor plan-based or agile software 3) Evaluate the full benefits and challenges of adopting the agile approach for Jharna software. The adoption and transition to new way of thinking should be.

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What is your topic? The move to Agile Methods.

So, the software developers and the customers are most happy about the move to the agile process. If any bugs exist after each module is tested, then only that part of the code is tested. Movs there will be continuing problem in the integration stage which keeps on building up unless a drastic measure is considered.

Bugs can be eliminated in Agile yo easily as the testing can be done at each stage.

Jharna Software: the Move to Agile Methods Analysis Essay

So, even when the customer requests for additional change in the later stage of the project, the team should be able to upgrade the project instead of revising the whole coding.

Another enabler is the willingness for the change in organization whether or not agile is considered. Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website.

So, when a part of the program becomes more complicated then they will need to revise the entire process. This methodology when implemented also takes lesser time since some repetitive parts of the code from another project can be used and also it will be less difficult to identify and resolve the bugs produced during coding.


The redesigned process is an iterative approach which is clearly visible in the process map. By clicking “SEND”, you agree to our terms of service and privacy policy.

Jharna Software: The Move to Agile by Ahmed Gamal on Prezi

How About Make It Original? So, to satisfy them the traditional waterfall approach can be considered. In this process map, the rectangle represents a process, the parallelogram diamond represents a decision, the oval symbol represents the start and end of a terminal and the paper symbol represents the document.

This process map is focused on demonstrating the tasks and the flow undertakings of the project work. Attached Appendix 1 With the help of the process map it is easy to understand how the process and the project work is divided in India as well as in US.

The customers enjoy the fruits of Agile, by receiving a system exactly to their needs in lesser time. The concept of Agile is to encourage change if necessary which exactly conflicts with their phrase of getting it right the first time.

Choose Type of service. Suppose that Khan moves to an agile development approach. After the bugs are removed, the product is checked with the client from time to time. If Khan follows each step properly with the sofhware from their clients, then I think this combinational approach would be a good success.

If anytime there occurs a problem in implementing Agile, there is a huge possibility to seek talent from the outside world and make the necessary corrections to be on softwate track. Talented employees are also a really good enabler as the new approach is more people oriented and encourages more talented employees.


The Move To Agile Methods 1.

Jharna Software: the Move to Agile Methods Analysis Essay Example | Graduateway

Budget and scheduling also cannot relay much on Agile process. Let me help you. Another main feature that is important to represent is the involvement of contingency plan and the integration of the final product. If there are any requests from afile clients for the changes, then the process is iterated from the requirement management stage. Even after the start of the project work, the clients still finalize on their system specifications.

Ans a Process map of the redesigned software development process: This helps in maintaining customer satisfaction. It is visible that they are facing greater problem in the integration stage and has been difficult to keep up with it. Eric from Graduateway Jhzrna there, would you like to get an essay? Sorry, but downloading is forbidden on this website. In this way the process is carried out till the customer is very satisfied with the software product. To attain the vision of speeding up the development process of the project, a new system needs be introduced such that it is adaptable to change at the end of each stage.

Create a process map of the software development process described in the Jharna Software case. Lately, the integration stage has been very time consuming and is often very difficult to plan.