The Coup describes violent events in the imaginary African nation of Kush, a large, landlocked, drought-ridden, sub-Saharan country led by Colonel Hakim. Aug 13, In his life, John Updike was considered to be one of, if not the, it: For The Coup is not just the only satire of post-colonial Africa that I’m aware. The Coup was a bestseller by John Updike about Africa that is almost totally forgotten today, even though it was written by America’s most gifted novelist at.

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It astonishes me that it is so little recognized. The quotations, when engraved upon the memory, give you good thoughts.

Updike’s novel was more generous, and, from the perspective of today, perhaps more couo, as natural resource wealth has helped a number of African countries advance from perennial destitution. Technically strong writing, but too little heart. Tribal, cultural, and religious conflict amongst the peoples of the nation, colonial internalization combined with a culture that seems to resist any attempt at modernization, and the boneheaded attempts of its leaders to force modernity upon them.

This is a slow read, but the pin factory example is great. Of course satire is what Updike’s shooting for, but somehow it seems a bit too easy for someone with his gifts of observation and psychology.

Upeike is a great book for youngsters. And here we’re treated to the usual supply of his wonderful prose; the sections intertwining the narrator’s memories and his present are particularly effective and Banville-esque.

The Coup by John Updike

Why would they be? The capitalist antagonists seem cool and poised in contrast but they also look empty and ultimately pointless.


Yes, Steve, agreed it’s a slow start if you’re accustomed to reading contemporary fiction, but I found the opening sequences extremely funny. Sometimes everyone falls for temptation. Woolf had a real, piercing love for English literature—she saw herself as a poor inheritor at best—and these books are upeike to her heritage. Feb 07, Al added it. View all 7 comments. You know, I thought maybe I had read something by this Updike fellowuntil I realized that his “Rabbit” uupdike were not the same thing as “Watership Down”.

It’s all one big long but verbally compact spiritual journey. For something really offbeat but hilarious try Flush Times in Alabama. Feb 23, brian rated it liked it Recommended to brian by: Unfortunately, five years later I remember absolutely nothing about it.

Molto diverso da altri libri di Updike che ho letto.

Ron Unz says is the cutoff date in America. In short, the Brits are just better with English than us Americans. Here in Hong Kong, the public library stocks seven copies citywide, with one copy at the little neighborhood branch down the street. Chile is the best-governed country in Latin America now thanks in part to policies enacted under Pinochet and still maintained todaybut it’s not at first world income levels.

The Coup by John Updike | : Books

So I guess then it wasn’t much of a surprise to people when he divorced his wife? I also agree with your suggestion to read excerpts in many cases; one of the main problems of discovering classic literature is the barrier posed updke sheer length, and the energy needed to surmount it. It’s a play about how Lenin and Joyce were in Zurich in The Salu are a sedentary tribe in the peanut highlands of the west.


I’ve read it so many times that when I pick it up I flip to a random page and can instantly tell where in the story I am. Anyway the son idealizes the absent father and resents the mother with whom he lives in the New Jersey suburbs of NYC, where he finds it impossible to fit in.

My teacher was a big fan of his upike she gave me a good grade for my report. April 19, at 1: Copy and paste the below script into your own website or blog to embed this book. Think of Travesties main character as Bertie Wooster and it works fine. When he’s describing what his life was like when he was four, he exhibits only the values of a four-year-old boy.

Plays are usually a tough read. Clutch Cargo Cult says: Anonymous Rice Alum 4 says: Here are some high Return on Investment selections that are rewarding without being too hard or too long. Some of the observations are quite telling and humorous, especially when he rails about Americans waking up to the fact that they are “morbidly fat.

Hemingway and Fitzgerald Great Gatsby especially hold up well.

Include Uppdike affiliate links so readers can give you a few bucks when they buy the books and then we could discuss them in detail here.