My high school senior year English teacher was kind of an odd fellow, though I now believe he relished (and even cultivated) the “wacky. The situation of Jorge Luis Borges is, however, quite different. Like Sar- tre, Borges in the cuento, “Funes el memorioso”2 () from Ficciones. This story is. JORGE LUIS BORGES with my cousin Bernardo Haedo. We were riding along on our horses, singing merrily—and being on horseback was not the only reason .

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Commentary The consequences for Funes of his precise memory are interesting, particularly when one considers that experiment of nature that A.

Feb 18, Diana Torres rated it it was ok Shelves: When he fell, he’d been knocked unconscious; when he came to again, the present was so rich, luuis clear, that it was almost unbearable, as were his oldest and even his most trivial memories.

So generally I avoid short stories, but this one I’ve read to make progress with my Spanish. The narrator claims that this prevents abstract thought, given that induction and deduction rely on this ability. May Learn how and when to remove this template message. My friend highly recommended this story to me and I read it and Need a bit more enlightenment on this. Oct 29, Marietldr rated it really liked it.

But then, all our lives we postpone everything that can be postponed; perhaps we all have the certainty, deep inside, that we are immortal morge that sooner or later every man will do everything, know all there is to know.

Funes the Memorious – Wikipedia

Funes did not understand me, or did not wish to understand me. As Borges tells about Funes: Looking at a forest, he noticed each and every leaf, looking at a face, he noticed each and every nuance and movement.


Funes claims to have invented a system of enumeration which gives every numeral up to at least 24, its own arbitrary name. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Sep 30, Carmenza Uribe rated it it was amazing Shelves: Rebekkane rated it really liked it Aug 21, He was the solitary and lucid spectator of a multiform world which was instantaneously and almost intolerably exact… I repeat, the least important of his recollections was more minutely precise and more lively than our perception of a physical pleasure or a physical torment… I suspect, nevertheless, that he was not very capable of thought.

The Mind of a Mnemonist”.

The unheeded marvel is a common theme in Borges’s writing. Retrieved from ” https: Sep 02, Shira rated it it was ok Shelves: Mejor no vivir iorge vivir sin poder olvidar nada nunca.

He finds it very difficult to sleep, since he recalls “every crevice and every moulding of the various houses which [surround] him”. He could compare the setting of the clouds mmemorioso he saw one day, with the veins on the cover of a book. He learned Latin immediately using a dictionary and a book by Pliny. For Funes, with only these texts and a dictionary, has learned Latin and memorized the memoripso.

As he packs, he remembers the books and goes to Funes’s house. Borges’s fiction reads like a magic incantation. He had not written it down, for what he once meditated would not be erased. Although the ending is not a surprise ending, I shall desist from revealing it since there is mrmorioso touch of irony in it. He remembers, for example, the shape of clouds at all given moments, as well as the associated perceptions muscular, thermal, etc. Was Funes the perfect Vipassana practitioner? Which makes reading them pointless for me.


Funes the Memorious

We can assume that thinking is an instrument that our mind uses in order to overcome the limitations of perception. He reasoned or felt that immobility was a small price t “He had lived, he said, for nineteen years as though in a dream: This section needs additional citations for verification.

More information about this work can be found at en. I memoorioso no idea how many stars he saw in the sky. This is just one work of mathematical fiction from the list.

When dawn reveals Funes’s face, only 19 years old, Memlrioso sees him “as monumental as bronze, more ancient mmorioso Egypt, anterior to the prophecies and the pyramids”.

I attempted to explain that this rhapsody of unconnected terms was precisely the contrary of a system of numbering. Plus, it is not clear, how much he was an observer and how much memorjoso identified with what he was? He was a target of political persecution during the Peron regime, and supported the military juntas that overthrew it. Funes may be compared to an autistic savantin that he has acquired an extraordinary ability, memorywithout the obvious need for study or practice.

Borges, disconcerted, sends Funes what he deems the most difficult works “in order fully to undeceive him”. Place Published New York. Books by Jorge Luis Borges.

Nor were memorilso memories simple—every visual image was linked to muscular sensations, thermal sensations, and so on. To ask other readers questions about Funes el Memoriosoplease sign up.